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So how tall are Volks SD boys anyway?

Jan 22, 2006

    1. Hellooo!
      Just a quick question - sorry for posting other thread with this, but my search function is not co-operating at all!

      How tall is the SD10 boy, on average? ^-^

      Thanks guys.

    2. ~57.5-58cm, a bit shorter and fatter than SD13 but a lot childish and cute than 13s...*SMILE*XD
    3. I second what CL said. Their body is so chubby and cute.
    4. I have a pic of Kiyo and Kam.
      On the left Kam, SD10 new body and on the right Kiyo, old SD13 body!


      That help?

    5. That does help, charlie you're a gem *kiss*
      SD10 heads aren't actually that much smaller than SD heads at all, are they? I heard you can swap them around for the most part ^-^''
      D'ya think Pip would be cute on SD10? ^o^
    6. No worrys love! Glad I could help!
      I think Pip will be ok on a SD10 body, he seems about the right size!


    7. could always try it out either at the feb meet or when ever dai chan arrive (which ever happens first)
    8. I have searched. And searched. But I can't find an answer to an extremely simple question: how tall is the SD10 boy's body? I guess it's just assumed that everyone knows, maybe that's why I couldn't find it.

      I feel like a noob for asking, but darnit, I need to know.
    9. I'm pretty sure SD10 boys are 57cm tall, same as SD10 girls are. They are definitely a bit shorter than the "standard" height of 60cm.
    10. Okay, thanks. That helps a lot, hopefully they are around that size for sure (would work very well for a short, cute boy....)
    11. i was sure you can see the height of the super dolfie you order on the volks japanese site , turns out when your click on to order a separate window pops up with the rest of the info about the doll including the height ~

    12. SD10 (I have two) do indeed look cute and short next to SD13's and Delf boys:


      The girl in the pic is an SD10, she's the same height as an SD10 boy would be. ^_^ Hope that helps!
    13. Here's my SD10 boy Shakkyo (with kill-u 2nd head) next to my SD13 boy Hiro. Shakkyo is an oldskin SD10 with the one piece non-jointed torso. Not much height difference, but Shakkyo is much more slender in the limbs.


      Linda S.
    14. I just measured my SD girl, and I seem to recall that she's actually just under 55 cm.

      SDs' are basically interchangable between the sexes, contrary to SD13s' where the boys and the girls are quite different.
    15. Here are a couple of comparison pics of mine. Grey's got a Magical Michael body and a Re-che head.

      Here with a Lishe:


      And here with a 60 cm Narin:


      I love the SD 10 size and the body has a gorgeous sculpt.