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So how was the NYC Tea Party?

Jul 30, 2006

    1. I've been hunting the forum for news on how the tea party went. Anyone want to share pics, videos or stories? I want to live vicariously and drool. :)

      How many lovely Olivia's were sold? Did they go home with their owners that day? How is she in person?
    2. It was AMAZING! I can't even explain how much fun it was!!

      Olivia is fantastic!! Her body is very interesting. She's very western, in her face and body. She's got an hourglass body and comes with high heeled feet that are connected to the lower leg. Meaning, there is no ankle joint on her high heeled legs. But normal flat feet legs with ankle joints are available. The way you change the leg is really ingenious! The upper leg has a pin(looks like a bobby pin) inside it which connects the elastic from the body to a bar inside the knee of the lower leg. The leg has it's own seperate elastic.

      Also, when she bends her knee, you can't see the slots at all! And there are no slots in her hip joints!! I'm not sure how that works, but it was really nice! It keeps the body looking very smooth with almost no interupting lines.

      Ummm, lets see.... oh! Also she has a bust joint, not a waist joint. ...And big boobs, and a really nice butt :blush

      The one offs did go home with their owners that day. There were 2 One Offs Olivias. I have photos of all the one offs and their certificates which tell all their particulars. I'll post them here once I upload them. :)

      7 Sei-tenshi, a Hewitt, and a Tony were given away in the bingo game.

      It was sooooo amazing!! Just the entire vibe at the party was so welcoming. Others will tell you more, there's so much to tell!! :D
    3. Now, I just have to know, because I'll never get to go.

      .....Did they really serve tea? and Did they serve the dolls? I'll be so tottaly bummed if they didnt. ;-;

      Actually I'm real curious, was it a party or more like a small sales expo for Volks? Did the dolls get treated like entinties or where they treated like a product?

      What all did you guys do? *wants a play by play* Gah I'm such a pest and I'm not even planning on a Volks child, except the Baron.
    4. 7 Sei-tenshi, a Hewitt, and a Tony given away!? WOW!!! I hope they give out some Sei-Tenshi at the LA party's bingo game. *so exicted*
    5. ^ They didnt serve the tea, but you could get tea and coffe if you wanted. It was buffet style.
      The dolls were treated with utmost respect and handled with white gloved hands. Mr.Shigeta, his family and staff really enjoyed seeing all the dolls and they were all so nice, such lovely people!
      Seriously, it was the event of my life (lets hope my wedding tops it! lol).
      And God do I NEED Olivia! Her display was wonderful!! They also had all the original Tokyo boys that were photographed in the Another Yourself book set (Mikey painted them herself!!), Jun was there with her kitty too!
      In the back they had about 10 one offs, it was so great to see their happy new owners names being called! Congrats y'all!
      The Bingo was amazing! Like nakitama said... those prizes were the best Bingo prizes evers!! OK, so I got a post card set, but it was better than nothing! lol.
      My sister who came along won a sei-tenshi!! She put her under my name and deemed me her owner since she doesnt want any SD, she just likes to look at their "prettiness". I love my friggin sister!!
      Oh yeh, they had the doll doctor in his own lil room, but if I'd have signed up, I'd probably still be waiting there now for my turn! lol
      It was just amazing, thats all else I can say! lol

      *jen (who still cant believe she has a sei-tenshi!!!!)
    6. It was a lot of fun. Not only did I get to see my good friends who also were at the party, but I got to meet new people and see some dolls that I recognized from online. And it's always fun to see people's reactions to your doll in person, I was shocked how many people liked Itachi, including Mikey herself, we even talked about Naruto. The Shigetas are great, very warm and friendly and willing to coo over people's dolls like they were their own. Say what you will about Volks's sometimes eccentric seeming policies, when you meet them in person, it's great to see how much energy, love, and dedication they really put into their dolls and the people who purchase them.

      It was great looking at all the dolls around and seeing sculpts in person that I had not before. I am completely sold on Olivia, not as a girl but as a boy. She's gonna make an amazing guy, just by eyeing her and SD13 guys the head looks like it would work on the SD13 boy body. The new SD16 girl body is quite nice. I love the leg options and the breasts are great, very full but not with the boob job look that say the CP mature body has. I wished I could have put in for one of the one offs, the Momoko was wonderful and what a cute sculpt that I wished we saw more of.
    7. Interesting about Olivia's legs, sounds like the same type of system they use in the little Unoa Lights...

      glad people had fun, Volks knows how to treat their guests well!
    8. The party was absolutely awesome! its incredible to see how many of dolls resemble their owners.:) Everyone was super nice although the bingo game was nerve racking to say the least. They made you yell out "reach" when you were close to bingo and everytime someone would say it i would get so nervious*_*. it was a hell of a lot of fun, though.
      I had to leave early so i couldn't go to the pajama party back at the hotel. How was it???
    9. OMG I so need to see pictures! I'm so jealous of you guys in the US, I really wish I could go...;__;
    10. I couldn't have been happier about the party - it was everything I hoped and SO much more.
      First of all, the room was set up beautifully - they even had cute little candy centerpieces on all the tables. ^^ The food was delicious as well.

      Everyone working was so nice and friendly - they were treating the dolls like royalty. I am SO glad I got to meet the Shigetas in person - they extremely warm and kind, and the President and Mikey gave such cute speeches. It's easy to see how much they care about everyone's dolls.

      They had some of my favorite dolls ever as one-offs, and amazingly my friend Emily (lonesheep on here) won the little Enn they were offering. They were super nice about getting it ready for her - we had a bus to catch (which we missed anyway due to our taxi driver, but eh. XD) and the party was running over a bit, but they still packed it up quickly for her.

      I am so impressed with Olivia now as well. I was planning on ordering her anyway, because after a bit of modding she is PERFECT for a character of mine, and I'd been waiting for Volks to release an SD16 girl. Her face is so versitle, and her body sculpt is amazing. Every little delicate muscle is accented and so graceful - I heard someone say she had the body of a dancer, and it's true! She's incredibly elegant and gorgeous.
      Mikey also did a little tutorial on how to change her legs out and such - they're actually including optional flat feet in with her free, I can't believe it! She's got stringing up to her knees, and then each flat foot had it's own stringing, and there's a hook at the knee to connect the two! The high heeled feet have a little bar you just hook onto.
      Also, they have a special knot up near her head where you can just pull on the string to tighten or loosen her stringing so she doesn't have to be taken apart to change the legs. I didn't see exactly how it was done but it looks SO easy!
      As for posing, I think she has a similar kips system to Yukinojo? I'm not sure - but her elbows have the elongated joint so they can hold harder poses, and as already mentioned she has no joints in the front of her knees or thighs, even when sitting! Olivia truely is incredible, and I am so glad I had the chance to order her!

      The bingo was reeally fun, and they actually had 8 Sei's up I think. And somehow, against all odds I won the Hewitt. *_____________* He is my favorite MSD boy ever, and I didn't think I'd EVER get the chance to own him. There is no way I can ever express my gratitude to Volks for giving me this chance - I was trembling when I went up to claim him, because I never thought I'd ever have that kind of luck. I am so in love with him, and the whole party had to be one of the best experiences I've ever had! :D
    11. Jen, I was so sad when I saw you go up and get the postcards, but I'm glad you got a Sei-Tenshi in the end!!! You lucky dog... ;) May I ask, what does he look like?

      I was so close! I needed number 49 to get Bingo, and so did my friend Lauren next to me. We were like, "Oh no, what is we have to go up against each other in rock, paper, scissors?"(They used rock paper scissors to decide who would pick first if more than one person had bingo at the same time). And the last number they called... was 49. XD But like 7 people got Bingo at the same time, so they picked names from a bag instead of rock paper scissors, and my name didn't get picked. :( Lolly won the last Sei-tenshi. She was so happy! It was just awesome :)

      Kim, I agree, there's something so warm and different about Volks as a company, the Tea party experiance really showed all the care and respect they have for their craft.
    12. Can you be a second hand volks owner and go? Or did you have to buy direct from Volks? (I'd have to know about such a year or so in advance, due to limited funds and paying on bills to go to a tea party.)
    13. You guys are making me jealous~ I so wanted to go but I am so very poor. You all sound like you had an awesome time and maybe *~*~*~ONE DAY*~*~*~ I can attend a Volks tea party too.

      OH, If only~
    14. I posted some pictures in a threead in the gallery ^^


      Others have been kind enough to add to the thread their own pictures. :D

      Rynn007, you just need to own a Volks doll and put in to go. In this particular case, since the event was also partially sponsored by FDQ, one had to be a subscriber or a guest of a subscriber as well. For LA, one just needs to be a Volks owner and I think have bought something from the store.

      I had a wonderful time at the Tea Party, the Shigetas were lovely and Jinny had her head joint fixed so her head no longer wobbles and she can sit better than she use to.

      Overall, my favorite part was definitely meeting people in person. There are so many wonderful and kind people I met, I only wish I could have met more people who I have talked to on-line.

      Oh! And my One-Off was featured in the special FDQ edition given out at the event, which was a complete surprise to me.
    15. That was only for the LA opening event, the tea party in LA coming up didn't require for you to own a doll or to have ever bought anything from VolksUsa.
    16. What page is your One-Off on?? (I really want to see her/him now)
    17. It was really fun. :) And it was great meeting so many BJD owners and finally matching DoA screen names to actual faces.

      Though Olivia's face mold was not for me, I was really impressed with her body sculpt. It was amazing. I really hope they release more SD16 girls in the future with the high heel part too because those legs were so gorgeous. A kyon designed SD16 girl would really make my day. ^_^
    18. Wow it sounds like such an amazing experience!! I hope the LA Tea Party next week is a wonderful :) Glad to hear everyone had such a great time!

      BTW..was the bingo free or did you have to pay each time to get a new card?
    19. ^ They gave you one card when you got in, and you played with that one card until ALL the prizes were gone!!
      It was $10.00 to get in, but with all the lovely things, gifts and food..I felt like I owed them more money!! lol
    20. Omg, that was so nerve-wracking. I was shaking. >< Lol.

      The Tea Party was amazing! Better than I could have imagined. Seeing all those amazing dolls in one place was almost too much. Haha. XD It was also so nice to see the amount of love everyone had for them, including the Volks staff.

      I didn't get the little Enn one-off I wanted, but that's ok because I already have another doll picked out to buy as a consolation. XD And I won Bingo twice, once for a photo set and then for a Sakaki poster (but I traded later for a Captain Cecile one, and got it signed by the president ^^)