so im noticing something...

Feb 23, 2017

    1. literally on every box opening video on youtube i get one dislike within the first hour of the video being up. I think its kinda hilarious how salty this person might be, like seriously, bruh, why so salty?

      Anyone else have some funny little quirk similar to that they have noticed???
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    2. I think it's just youtubers being trolls. I've posted on imgur and gotten tens of down-votes even though it's nothing controversial, but yeah, I think it's just a person with nothing better to do :/
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    3. I mean, if they legitimately dislike it, what's the problem? At least they're not saying salty crap to you in the comments, lol. Doesn't it show up on the home page for people if the YT algorithm determines that it is of interest to the user?
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    4. Are you also getting upvotes in that first hour? Youtube has had a known thing where it will add dislikes according to how many upvotes you get. It's why you never see any videos at all with 100+ups with no downvotes. Don't know if that is the issue, just could be it maybe.
    5. Do you tag your videos with BJD?

      It could be that people unfamiliar with BJDs are finding the video in their search for a different thing with the same acronym and think it's spam. (When I searched "doll" on YouTube once I found some NSFW content--they might think it's the same if they see dolly junk.)

      BJD is also the acronym for a political party in India. I guess I could see people looking for local political news and becoming upset when they encounter something unrelated.
    6. I have heard that youtube has bots that will dislike videos soon after they are uploaded. Not sure if they are real, though.
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