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So-Nyeon-Gi new head "Haji"

Sep 3, 2008

    1. Newest boy in the {Siesta} series:

      Here's a google translation of what it says on the front page.
      I'd assume, as they did with the other So-Nyeon-Gi heads, that vier4d.com would be doing a limited release of the heads too.
      We'll have to keep an eye out for news from 4D ;)
    2. Haji just went up for sale over at 4D, such cute sculpt ^3^

      From 4D site:

      "{Pre-Oder information}

      * Sales Period : 10th, September ~ 17th, September, 2008 (Limited Edition of The Period)

      * The Day limit for Payment : 20th, September, 2008

      * Shipping Date : From 6th, October, 2008

      * Attention : The order that make up service included needs 10~15days more."