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So Nyeon Gi new head, Hyul Shine 2nd ver.

May 13, 2009

    1. I'd like a reconfirmation of wig/head size. Is it really 8.5~9.5? Please let me know!~
      Also, are foreigners/international orders welcome to the korean website?
      Will it be released at vier4d.com ??
    2. Beautifull head, but how one can order there?
      I dont have any korean knowledge :(
    3. As far as I know, the company's heads are generally made available for international purchase at 4D a little after their Korean release. Every head I have seen so far on the Korean site shows up there eventually.
      For those that need it, the link:
    4. Are they limited, or will there be future ordering periods for these heads?

    5. actually it will be later released in 4D but schedule is not determined yet
    6. I ordered through the vier4D website before, and I believe the are limited in that they are only sold for a certain period of time. I don't think it is limited in quantity though I could be wrong.
    7. The heads at 4D are usually limited by time period.

      shankula is 4D's international dealer and always does Group Orders there, and you can usually get these heads by ordering with her even a while after the ordering period ended. At least it was like that with Ryun. :3
    8. now up for sale at 4D :)
    9. That is correct, you can order them through my group order until the end of the month, and I do have my monthly order open now. Thanks!

      Dissonant: According to 4D, these heads are limited edition, and will not be made available identically again in the future.
    10. Thanks Shankula and Abel. I was pretty sure they were limited by time period, but wondered if there might be future releases or ordering periods.