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So-Nyeon-Gi new head sculpt at 4D: Uhui

May 10, 2008

    1. *_* Oh wow, he's adorable. I can't wait to hear more about him~<3
    2. I kinda want oneeee. He is so adorable. Too bad I'm broke. *_*
    3. I'm completely into these So-Nyeon-Gi sculpts ~ [faint]
      So this is primavera ~ Spring...Uhui
      Sort of like Javi tender version~~ but got a tint of Hyul feel in it~
      I love the eyes and lips....TwT

      I suppose there will be scuplts for Summer. and...Autumn...too~~
      Ok.....whose planning to get Uhui..hands up
    4. While all of the So-Nyeon-Gi sculpts are beautiful, I'm not a huge fan of the sleeping/dreaming eyes. My wallet/credit card is very happy about this. :sweat Especially since I still have to get a body for the recent Javi and another floating head. >_<
    5. I'm not normally a fan of the dreamy half open eyes either. But he is so gorgeous. I wonder how much he will be? How much was Javi? *_*

      **EDIT** I looked on the 4D site. :)

    6. I just found out about them&#65281; where have they been all my life *weeps*
      The sculpts are all gorgeous..and I'm sorry if this sounds totally noob-ish..but how will I be able to order one..
    7. I really like him, but wallet is pretty much empty T____T
      How do you order them anyway? The site is all Korean D:
    8. Yeah, I'm super interested too. *3* His face is absolutely adorable.
    9. Haha, I see many old faces from Javi discussion thread again XD <3

      Wow~! I agreed with you, ice_icey2001. He is look like Javi tender version. Somehow I think his lips are a little bit thicker than Javi? O: I'm not so sure. But indeed he is very beautiful. Especially love his eyes *0* Oh. damn you Yian, you make me fall in love of your pretty boys.

      Even though how much I love him, too bad that I need to save my money and keep my dolls family in small number >_< (Also I need to keep money for my Javi's body).

      chazzi and orangediscord, I guess Doogi and Yian will release this beautiful boy in 4D website again like they did for Javi and Hyul-SH :aheartbea I think they will release in 4D later Yian open sale in SweetSoSweet website? According to ice_icey2001's post in Uhui News thread ^^

      Neon Addiction, Javi was at $140 USD with face-up cost $50 USD. Maybe Uhui will be the same? O:
    10. I neeed this head. *__* He will be mine. Oh, yes.

      Can anyone point me in the direction of this 4D thing? I'm not exactly the brightest crayon, lol.
    11. I've noticed something interesting: he has the same two tiny black dots under his left eye as Javi, Hyul and one of the artist's other personal collection dolls. Look closely:


      I thought that perhaps it meant that all these dolls are variations of the same character, but the position of the two dots and the look of the rest of the face up differ from doll to doll. Hmm... it's rather intriguing.

      Edit: Oh, and 4D = http://vier4d.com :)

      The artist So-Nyeon-Gi is affiliated with them. She sells her heads through her personal site (which is difficult for foreigners like me, who can not read Korean) and also, at a later release, through 4D (which is in english and easy for foreigners to navigate). All So-Nyeon-Gi heads are limited, but not limited to number of pieces - limited to a certain order time. So, keep your eyes on vier4d.com to see when the order period will be. :D
    12. Thank you so much, Kogepan! I was hoping to avoid the usual hassle with online translators and what have you, and 4D is the answer to my prayers. <3

      As for the dots.. I think that's quite interesting. Maybe the artist has two dots in a similar place, and it's a reflection of this?
    13. omg *3* i missed my chance to get a javi head, so this time i'll be sure to get this little guy, he is just so adorable <3 ºwº hope the artist releases him trough 4D soon x3
    14. Ah, you were talking about the 4D site xD I was really wondering what all the talk about 4D was about ^^''
      But thanks a lot! From now on I have to pay attention to that site! They have lovely dolls xD
    15. Wow, I've never seen a larger doll sculpt I liked until now! There's no way I can afford him soon, so maybe I'll get lucky in the secondhand market.
    16. He is so sweet. I bet he would be perfect on a SD10 jointed body. Nell, are you gonna for sure get him? I doubt I'll have any money to afford him, but if you got him, I could see him sometimes. :o
    17. If there are sculpts for every season.. I think I'm doomed*_*

      Hm..I'm not quite decided for sure yet, but I do like him a lot.
      I'll wait for 4d to post default pics to make a final decision.
      As it is I need bodies for 2 heads already so, yea :sweat

      raykit you're right there are a lot of the same people here :lol:
      We just have good taste.

      Kogepan, woa how odd. I remember being so floored by her Tohya the first time I saw him.:aheartbea
    18. Great to see yian's creation getting more and more attention~ ///
      Her boys are all so sweet and natural~

      yea, good to see some old faces here lol , as Nell said~we got the same taste lol
      Not sure about the thick lips though~ maybe it's just the makeup?
      I wonder if Uhui will get the little video made like the others~ I love the little flash movies made by yian ~

      Kogepan >>
      Yea yea~!!! I noticed that too~ it seems that yian has a foundness on mole dots around the eyes lol~~ they make the characters look pretty sexy though lol

      Nell >>
      I am pretty damn sure there will be sculpts for each season~
      that's why yian started the whole project of heads called "Siesta"
      And for that reason~ I am doomed already~
      And all my previous plans on other sculpts vanished in a second upon the first release of the Siesta project~ you see, the banner on the first page even reserved spaces for (verano) summer and (otorio) autumn releases
      The problem is So-Nyeon-Gi sculpts is limited by time. So I have to basically cut all my expenses on other doll stuff for the sculpts and body this year....
    19. I'm glad that its not limited by number because that makes the sculpts more available. Oh, they're so pretty. *u* Agh, I really want this one, but I think I'd actually prefer the sculpt as a girl.

      I wonder if the head would fit...hm.