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So-Nyeon Gi releases Uhui, W

Aug 21, 2009

    1. In 4D's latest newsletter it says:

      The 8th line up head from the "So-Nyeon Gi":
      So-Nyeon Gi: Uhui the second (Limited edition of the Period)
      .....From next week*

      Edit: Uhui W is now available from 4D between 29th August and 9th September. Two resin colours: white and normal. Price: $140 (withouth face-up)

      Link to 4D: http://www.vier4d.com/
      Link to Sweet So Sweet website for more photos: http://sweetsosweet.com/sweetlies.htm
    2. As far as know you can only buy through Vier4D.

      Correction: See post below for another way of buying the head! :)
    3. I am the new US representative for 4D and have an order open in the marketplace. :) There is an order open specially for the heads.