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So-Nyeon-Gi Yujin [+ 2009 production schedule]

Jan 24, 2009

    1. [​IMG]

      So-Nyeon-Gi's site updated with teaser pictures of Yujin. He looks like Uhui with sleeping eyes, perhaps the lips are slightly different too. He will fit 60cm bodies and take 16-18mm eyes, so I assume that the eyes are not completely closed. I also assume that he is a head only, like So-Nyeon-Gi's other sculpts.

      I think that, like the rest of the Siesta series, Yujin will probably be available for overseas ordering on 4D for a limited time.


      There's also this, which appears to be a schedule for 2009 SNG works. I am sooo hoping the February photobook that she mentions will be available for sale on 4D at some point as well! I wonder how thick it is and how much it'll cost? I really admire yian's photography, I'd love to have my fav "extra shots" in book form. *___*

      Can anyone translate the korean text on that schedule? I am especially curious about April, which has [Siesta, WISH], [Uhui, W] and [Yujin, W] listed. Wish/W = slightly different version, like Hyul versus Hyul Shine/SH?
    2. It sounds to me like she's planning on releasing the dolls again- I'm not sure though >.< I couldn't really understand what the translator came up with- it's definately times like these when I wish that I could read Korean :(
    3. :D Guys, guys, looook at the pretty: http://sweetsosweet.com

      THE VIDEO! It's soooo gorgeous and features all of the Siesta lineup - Javi, Uhui, Haji, Ryun and Yujin...in some sort of angst-ridden BL-ish school drama? Uh, someone enlighten me as to what's going on...? It's the longest and prettiest video/photostory SNG has put out so far - I love the crisp, creamy colors. *__*

      Dammit, I want their photobook so bad - hope 4D will stock it.

      And Yujin is cool too, but for now I'm content to just replay the video. Pretty...
    4. The update from 4D;
      OMG T_T I'm so sad the photo book is not being sold separately T_T (I just want the book not the head ;A; )