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So picky that I don't like my dolls

Aug 2, 2011

    1. I have this issue about being REALLY picky with my dolls. My MSD has had a few looks, none of which I'm very fond of. Her current wig seemed perfect when I first got it but now I don't like it because it's high maintenance and I'm lazy, and it just doesn't appeal to me anymore. And I have such a hard time finding clothes that are her "style."

      I bought a Yosd a few months ago and didn't like the wig or clothes that she came with. I modified a "Liv" wig to fit her and it's OK, I guess. I'm having a really hard time finding clothes for this one. I realize this size doll is meant to be child-like, but EVERYTHING for this size of doll is way too frilly and cutsie. I want something just a little more mature.

      I can't make my own patterns unless it's really simple like a skirt or a sleeveless dress. So I can't really even make something.

      So questions:
      1) Am I the only one that's this picky?
      2) How do you deal with being so picky? Do you settle for whatever, or do you keep plugging away on a quest to find the "perfect" wig and clothes (a quest that may never come to an end)?
    2. I'll admit it took me quite some time to get Agatha feeling like the Victorian-era mad scientist she's supposed to be. Let's see. . . I got her beginning of last July, and only got her shod near the end of this May. Almost a year!

      I'd say that my way of handling this is in some way dealing with whatever until I can get what I've been searching for. Except for clothes and props--those, I've decided to suck it up and make many of them myself. Good thing I like making things! It really did take me a year to find the right shoes, and I got her glasses taken care of with an art trade, though it took four pairs to get the size right. I'd like to get her a new, more awesome wig eventually, because the one she has keeps showing this little bit of the band right in the very front, but I can live with this one until the perfect wig makes its appearance.

      Clothes have ended up a little different. I've kind of conceded it's unlikely to find things in Agatha's size that are the right style, so while I keep an idle eye out just in case, my questing has mostly been directed to finding the right fabrics and trims. Since she's based off a webcomic character, I'm looking for stuff that will let me recreate a few of her outfits from it. I still haven't found the forest green herringbone I want for one of them, but I did find a sturdy brown fabric and nice green ribbon to make a different outfit for her.

      Basically, I've decided that the questing is just part of the process, so I'm pretty laid back about it for the most part. I think the only time I've really been frustrated was when Volks happened to release an outfit with a Victorian flair that would actually fit her, but I wasn't fast enough when it went on sale at the US online store and missed it. (I was so not prepared for it to sell out in under three minutes.)
    3. Try looking a the Iplehouse clothing line. You might find some more modern, mature looking outfits there.

      As for discussion question: you are definitely not the only one! I have a doll love royi and Im fighting really hard with her because I am not satasfied with the shape of her eyes. Theyre too big! she looks shocked all the time, and her expression is so damn neutral. Ive gone through three sets of eyes so far but have come to the sad conclusion Im probably going to have to mod her and send her off for a new faceup
    4. I have the same eye problem with my BBB! Part of it is in the faceup. I find dark, smokey eyes help reduce the "shocked" look, and eyes with dark irises seem to help, too.
    5. No. I've had the same problem with my beloved DDdy for a long time.
      When I first got her I took bad photographs all the time of her in her simple outfit and messy hair and didn't care. But the longer I've had her the more I notice these kinds of things.
      I still worry about her wig even though everyone says it's lovely on her and whenever I make her outfits I stress the importance of dressing her for her bodytype.

      Although there are those shining moments when I look at her and think to myself..."I can't imagine myself having any other girl but her!" and I'm happy with the way she is.
    6. I have had the exact same issue with my very first doll, a DoD Kirill in the almost 4 years I have had him. He has tried multiple wigs in both fur and synthetic, different shades, cuts and styles, various eyes, gone from a punk, to a goth, to a cross-dresser, to modern elegance, to everything in between. I don't think there's a part of him that hasn't been modified in some way (well, I think maybe his arms and calves may be the only areas), and yet I am still sitting here wondering just why I can't seem to get him to work. I'm quite certain, especially with the number of mods he's been through at this point, that his sculpt is suitable for his character, so that isn't the issue. It's simply that his character has grown so far from what he used to be that I'm not quite sure anymore just how he's supposed to look.
    7. I have been a perfectionist all my life and it causes me no end of trouble because I am never satisfied either, unless everything is just right. My dolls lie around naked in their boxes unless I love their clothes and are bald until I find the perfect wig. I enjoy the search for perfection, but I understand the frustration that sometimes goes along with it.
    8. I had this feeling a lot with my first doll, so I eventually ended up selling up and I actually just ended up buying him again. I haven't received him, but I'm hoping that with a new doll, it'll be like a new start with him because I absolutely love the mold. It's frustrating!
    9. I guess I was picky too in the beginning. But after buying and selling over 300 dolls I realized that a doll is what you make it. If you don't like your doll I would say keep looking. But understand you can look at dolls one of two ways. The clothes first then the doll or other way around. The hobby of these dolls allows anything so you just have to figure out what you want and find the doll that can fit that mold shall we say. Good Luck.
    10. it seems like I'm never satisfied of my dolls. not because they are ugly and I can't find them clothes. I can't even explain it! I always want to get a new one, then sell it and get another one. and it never seem to stop! I can't seem to bond with any of them. i don't know why. :( so then I thought "I'll only buy a doll I've been wanting for MONTHS. wanting really badly!" but I can't even find dolls I like that much :doh

      my friend is exactly like that with her hair. if it was just from her she's change color at least every 2 days
    11. I feel the same way, I'm jealous of the people whos dolls have such distinct personalities and I stull cant find one for my doll. She has a lot of clothes of different "types" and I cant pick just one.
    12. you could always get the clothes custom made from a few talented members of DoA, but that could cost you. or will just have to get over own laziness and get them to look the way you want - i dont mean to be mean, i have a similar problem. The people whose dolls are gorgeous and with a character - have put in a lot of hours and work and money into them, as well as ideas and thoughts and, i'm sure, countless tries and fails till they got the doll to "perfection".
    13. I consider my dolls to be constant works in progress, so it doesn't bother me if they are not 'perfect' now, or ever for that matter.

      Art is never truly finished, just abandoned ;)
    14. I wouldn't call myself Picky so much as that i have a vision in my head and I'm refining toward it. That refining is part of the fun of the hobby for me, so I enjoy it, modding and sewing and changing wigs and eyes to get the dolls closer and closer to perfect.
    15. Part of the problem is I work at Walmart part time and can't find a better job. So most of the time I don't have extra money to spend on doll stuff. So I can't just buy whatever and hope it works. I have scavenged the marketplace here, but have yet to find something I like.
    16. I have this trouble all the time especially with my Lt Tan RS Long...I have never been able to get him to look right. I am constantly changing wigs/eyes/ clothes...
    17. This sounds like more of a personal problem you're having. You're not happy with your dolls, you could easily solve your problem with not being lazy ^^; you do say that laziness is part of your problem.

      you say you can't make things. You've got to practice.
      The best way to deal with pickiness is do it yourself, or have no limit to the amount of money you will spend to have someone else do it for you.

      That's kinda the point I'm at now.
      I tried to do face ups and failed, so now I pay to have the top quality I want. Of course I have to be patient and save up money to afford the face ups, but to have a doll that I'm proud of makes it worth it.
      had a hard time finding clothes that I wanted since my dolls are all modern and normal - so I started making my own. It took me a while to practice and start making stuff that didn't suck, but over the past 2 years or so that I've been sewing, I've greatly improved!

      I think it's a bit ridiculous to be so picky about your dolls that you don't like them. Why have them if you don't like them? That's quite a bit of money to be sitting around and being nitpicked with nothing ever coming from it.
      Sometimes it's a bit hard to admit it, but if it's not working, then find something new that will work!
      I struggled with it a bit myself, and actually just recently I finally got rid of a doll that I haven't been happy with for the 2 years I've had it. I held onto him and kept trying new things since I thought I could eventually make him work. Finally gave up and just started with a whole new doll, and now he's perfect :D
    18. 1) Am I the only one that's this picky?
      No way! I am exactly the same. nothing seems good for me! I keep trying but never satisfied. I just seem to not be abel to find that exact look I want.
      2) How do you deal with being so picky? Do you settle for whatever, or do you keep plugging away on a quest to find the "perfect" wig and clothes (a quest that may never come to an end)?
      I allways try to push for more.
    19. ^^ You know for sure that she's picky. XD You should listen to her sometimes, it's hilarious!

      I myself am not picky, and would have been far less content with a person who is picky, if it weren't for having a sister who is picky.

      If it takes a while finding just the right look, don't fret, just keep looking, I'm sure they'll come to you!
    20. 1) Am I the only one that's this picky?
      Not by a long shot. We spend as much money on these dolls as we do, it's no surprise to find a lot of us want it to be just right. I'm beyond guilty of this, and depending on with whom I'm talking, I'll blame the doll before myself, but in reality his tastes reflect mine since he is a version of me.

      2) How do you deal with being so picky?
      I just plod away at it. Eventually I'll find something that not only fits him, but I like it enough for him to wear it. Shoes are the toughest thing right now because I can't make those yet, but clothes aren't much easier. :\
      Do you settle for whatever, or do you keep plugging away on a quest to find the "perfect" wig and clothes (a quest that may never come to an end)?

      At this rate I'm starting to learn to settle for some wigs. I've had a "look" in my head for Haydn for the longest time, the wig doesn't exist yet, and then during a gift swap I received a wig that's the wrong color but the style was more natural and it really suits him! So now I have a quest to find that cut in the right color ^^
      Shoes, since they are not cheap, I will not just settle. If I'm going to pay $40+ I want it to be shoes he wants to wear! I was at the point where I contemplated selling the doll and trading down just so I could find shoes and clothes for him for a moment a few months ago, despite the sculpt being perfect. :(

      It will just take time, unfortunately. :/ Good luck!