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So whats the difference between Crobidoll A-type and B-type?

Sep 8, 2010

    1. Okay i finally settled on the crobidoll Ys for a character of mine. i was gonna choose ys-b but i looked at ys-a and they look pretty much the same.

      so my question is, whats the difference? the same with the lance, and yeon-ho?
    2. if this is in the wrong board, admins are welcome to move it to a more apporiate board
    3. i may be wrong, but i think the difference is in the faceup
    4. really? i wonder if theres a thread that compares the type A and B
    5. This is what I was told once before. I have never ordered from CB though so I cannot confirm.

      Pretty sure Crobidoll shows comparisons on the product page. For example, scroll down to the bottom of these pages:

      Lance Type A:

      Lance Type B:

      You can see the different face-ups. Hope that helps!