so whats you dollie customization setup?

Feb 20, 2016

    1. how do you store your faceup/mod supplies? is it organized? or are you an artistic mess lol
      i used o be pretty messy but ive spent the past week gathering supplies and building my ultimate dol customization kit ^.^ all thats left is my kuretake watercolors, which wont go in the box (to big), my brushes, and my miliput. all of wich i had to order new ones lol

      if youd like a complete list of the materials or a tutorial on how i set this up let me know ^.^
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    2. [​IMG]
      I have this horrid mess of stuff. Too many extras and baggies crammed all into a bin that I might need to upgrade. I think the only thing missing is one can of Testors (ignoring the 3 others, because I'm a pack rat) and my cutting board.
      (Enjoy the puppy who won't leave me be in the corner.)
    3. lol thats ok thats what mine looked like last week, i didnt include my sealant, its citadel purity seal, that stuff rocks! i basically wanted to get as much of my supplies into one place as possible lol
    4. I have an easel with a drawer which is where the paints and brushes are, the rest kind of sits on top lol
    5. nice, mine always end up everywhere. i wanted one thing to gold everything from sculpting and modding materials to faceup and sueding lol
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    6. My doll stuff is spread throughout the house, but I keep my faceup stuff, as well as knitting/crochet, sculpting and shipping supplies and character information notebooks in this neat little cabinet in my dining room (although I do the actual work on my coffee table in my living room right next to it).

      I also have a sewing room where I do all of the clothing and take sales photos, and then an actual doll room where I keep all of the complete dolls, dioramas, and extras. Each doll who doesn't have their own room has a shoebox size tub in the chest of drawers with their clothes and accessories, and the chest also holds a tub of spare wigs, extra resin parts, and an entire drawer of food/dish props.

      Sewing room

      Doll room

      As you can see, I'm pretty picky about everything being neat and organized, even if I have a LOT of stuff.
    7. I guess you could call my storage system 'organized chaos'. I only have my bedroom to sleep, store everything, display my various collections, and work on projects. I have a large desk that has shelves where I keep the majority of the face up supplies, and my closet is mostly shelving where I keep my art supplies, doll boxes, and hanging clothes. I also have a dresser in my closet that is used just for art supplies, each drawer for different stuff: fabric, paper, and tools. As you probably have guessed, I don't have many clothes or shoes, lol.
    8. I have a lack of a setup. Right now, half of my supplies are scattered on my coffee table in the living room while the other half are on the kitchen table so our puppy doesn't eat them. When I move into a dorm come August, I'll likely have an actual box or something to put everything in.
    9. I am disabled so I literally spend most of my day lounging in a bed-- truth is I kinda have a nest of art supplies of alllll types around me. It is chaotic and when my body allows I take time to work on better storage options (I still have stuff in boxes from my last move over 2 years ago, ACK!). I really admire the neat and in-its-place storage some of you have posted. Kinda envious lol
    10. I love your workspace, also I found looking at your set-up really helpful. I am currently collecting my supplies to start blushing etc... And have been a little lost as to brush sizes, and pastel shades to buy. So thanks this has helped me lots.
    11. Everyone's workplace is so neat!

      I'm quite ashamed of my own chaotic setup, so I hardly take any pictures of my own customization workspace. (It's incredibly messy!)

      My paints, airbrush, pastels and sealers are just strewn everywhere around my room... And whenever I decide to paint it looks like hell broke loose. Maybe I'll take a picture sometime...
    12. For blushing I use a lot of different makeup brushes, eye shadow brushes and smaller blushers are perfect for blushing dolls. You get these in all price ranges. I use a lot of different pinks when I do body blushing, mixing a little crushed pastel at a time in the middle of the white ceramic dish you can see on my worktable.

      Here are some of the different pastels I use if it can be of any help to anyone. There is more information on the different pastels if you click the picture and go to my Flickr.
      [​IMG]Pastels by Skumring, on Flickr

      [​IMG]À L'écu pastels by Skumring, on Flickr[​IMG]Artisti pastels by Skumring, on Flickr[​IMG]Pastels by Skumring, on Flickr[​IMG]Perfect pastels by Skumring, on Flickr