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Soa and Ryung will be available from Dolls and Friends!

Jun 8, 2005

    1. Also the tinies.

      I'll post more information as I get it. I'll be ordering soon.

      Doing the happy dance!


    2. So there will be another release for Ryung? Does this mean she and Soah aren't limited?
    3. I certainly hope not. I hope it's just that they got off to a slow start on production of Rainman's dolls. They are too beautiful to "hoard" as "exclusive LEs", without letting more people who can really appreciate them adopt and love them. They are works of art. :)
    4. I think maybe the first Ryung sale was limited because she came with clothes and an extra head? Or was she really limited? It was just that she at that time was sold exclusively though Dolls & Friends.
    5. I have asked this question before and was told that there will be a regular release of Ryung,, The first one was limited with all the extras ,, YaY
    6. The very first edition of Ryung sold exclusively at Shop4DollsandBears.com was a special limited edition which included an outfit, wig, eyes, and 2nd head (as a free gift from Rainman).

      Ryung and Soah will be offered as basic editions as well as another limited edition. I will post images and ordering information next week.

      Thanks for looking!
    7. Thanks! Great news! ^^