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Sock dresses and the anger they seem to generate.

Nov 11, 2010

    1. I hope this is doll related enough to post here. If not, my apologies.

      This is something I've been wondering for a very long time. There seems to be alot of hate towards sock dresses. For anyone that's not familiar with the term, it's basically a sock that was made into a doll dress :B
      I have seen people making bad comments about people's dolls because they didn't have 'proper' clothing and saying it 'ruins the entire thing'.
      Now I'm wondering why it seems to make people so angry. Personally I have used sock dresses temporarily because after spending alot of money on a doll, I didn't have money for clothes! Haha.
      This is making me really curious tho.

      - Do you have an aversion to sock dresses?

      - Do you think it makes a doll less of a doll when it doesn't have what the avarage owner calls proper clothing?

      - Do you think less of the owner when they choose to either have a temporary sockdress or a permanent sock dress?

      - Let me now how you feel about sock dresses in general.

      Now, I'm a big fan of minding my own business and I don't encourage insulting anyone for their choices and personal preferences. I'm just very curious about what you guys are thinking. So please keep it clean.

      *I can't believe this got moved to the debate section O.o*
    2. Something about the title of this thread really cracks me up :lol:

      - Do you have an aversion to sock dresses?

      I don't want to use them on my own dolls. I've gotten pickier about their clothing the longer I've been in the hobby, and I've also accumulated enough decent clothes that I can come up with something for somebody in a pinch. Hypothetically however, if it's a choice between being stark naked and wearing a sock, the sock wins.

      - Do you think it makes a doll less of a doll when it doesn't have what the average owner calls proper clothing?

      The doll is the doll is the doll whatever it's wearing. Clothing helps bring out their character, and actual clothes will be more flattering, but the doll isn't going to somehow degenerate into some hideous beast just because it's wearing a sock.

      - Do you think less of the owner when they choose to either have a temporary sockdress or a permanent sock dress?

      I just assume that they haven't gotten clothes for the doll yet. Sometimes the doll beats it's clothes home, or someone may have to wait for a commission, or have to save up for an outfit.

      - Let me now how you feel about sock dresses in general.

      Well, socks beat nakedness, but real clothes beat socks. In general I don't spend much time or energy worrying about whether or not people are dressing their dolls in socks or whatever else. It's their doll--they should do what they see fit.
    3. I don't know how to turn a sock into anything not even a tube top without worrying I just ruined a sock. If my dolls don't have clothes that fit from pile of stuff here, then they get a baby blanket wrapped around body esp. as most times face is blank or off to get worked on. If I did know how to turn a sock into clothing I would so do it.

      As for looking down on people and how they dress dolls, I think people need to worry about more important issues. If anyone can make even tube tops from socks, esp those cute ones from Target $1 bin please send me instructions, I have a girl who has little to wear due to her being so thin.
    4. Taco I hope the title isn't too idiotic! I wasn't sure how to put it X__x
    5. if I see someone who had the doll for a long time, and all her/his clothes are made of socks and other cheap looking things then it bothers me. I wouldnt say it gets me mad and I wouldnt say it ruins the doll.
      but it IS ugly and i'm just like: dude, wtf? WHY???????
      why buying beautiful dolls to dress them ugly as hell? xD (my dolls dont have a lot of clothes. they have about 2 shirts and one pants each at the moment, but at least its pretty. YES i will catch up with that xD)

      as a temporary solution I think it's a great idea though. because as you said, after buying a doll, you may not have enough money left for clothing.
      but just dont keep it in sock clothing forever >.>;;
    6. No, not at all, it's just funny... only in this hobby do we have sock issues (beyond just getting holes in the toes) lol.
    7. Here's my personal view on it: It's their doll, they can do whatever they want to it. It's their money that they've spent, not mine. I personally feel I have no right to ever tell anyone who they should dress a doll or not dress their doll.
    8. I have nothing against sock clothing if it's done out of temporary necessity or done aesthetically well; sock material is still valid material! What makes me somewhat irritated is when people tout socks with holes sloppily cut into them as being worth 15+ dollars on the MP. 8V
    9. Ahahahaha this is a hilarious fun thread!
      Look, people love to feel superior, that's why I love to watch shows about crazy people who don't clean their houses, it makes me feel better about myself. Really, I feel like such a great housekeeper when I watch those shows.
      Some folk love to look down their nose at others who either because of economic necessity or because they want to create their own doll's clothes, have made the dreaded sock dress, so they can feel like, "oh my doll is clothed in Dollheart and Sadol, I am superior!"
      Truth is, it really doesn't matter does it? I think you should do what you want, make the doll's clothes, buy them, whatever you like, and in the perfect world the doll community is there to support you. Of course if you ask, "how do you guys like my sock dress" and it is godawful, well, all bets are off.
      I think last year? two years ago? DOA did a "sock dress" contest, and some of the results were just beautiful.
      BJDs can be art, and the only way you get better at your art is by practicing, and making mistakes.
      leave the sock perpetrators alone. IMO.
    10. are we talking adult thermal socks with the toe cut off or cute socks made into funky dresses? there's a lot of variance here. either way i wouldn't see it as something to get upset over unless someone tried to stuff me into a sock dress:)
    11. this is interesting :3 personally I don't have any issues with others using sock dresses. I've actually seen a tutorial on how to make very nice hoodies out of them :D And believe it or not I've seen some people make some really nice clothing out of socks (like doll stocking) and out of other odd things. As long as it don't look dirty, torn up or for all intent looks like a plain old messy sock then it don't bother me. If I must make sock clothing for my dolls, I'd get new or unused socks, if possible. Just the thought of something I wear on my feet and putting it on my dolls would bother me ^^;
    12. The way I see it, I don't see the point in buying a 200+ doll, simply to scratch on some permanent marker and slap on a sock to cover it.

      People can say it's snotty. I really don't care what people do with their dolls. They could throw their Sards right out a two-story window! But that doesn't mean I won't feel bad for seeing the mangled, broken Sard.

      The fact of the matter is, when I first came into this hobby, I didn't have any clothes for my doll to wear and I was mocked for the robe I borrowed from another person at my doll meet. :lol: I feel some sympathy for being slightly overwhelmed with all the extra costs. But eventually, you save up for some clothes (whether for the fabric you are going to be using to make the dresses with, or the pre-made doll clothes), just like you save up for the doll.

      It's not really me looking down on anyone. It's just me wondering what the point in spending so much money on the doll base and then getting the cheapest accessories possible, so the doll looks terrible. It's not that expensive is necessarily better, but sometimes you get what you pay for. I found that out the hard way when buying a wig for $15 and comparing it to my $30 wig.
    13. - Do you have an aversion to sock dresses?

      When it comes to my doll yes. I tend to only like him to wear certain things. And if I ever ran out of clothing I could just easily sew him some paints to wear instead. They may not be perfectly made, but to me it's better than a sock dress or being nekkid.

      - Do you think it makes a doll less of a doll when it doesn't have what the avarage owner calls proper clothing?

      No, it's still a doll even if it wears a sock dress. Sure it may not be as good looking or pleasing as dolls in proper clothing, but that doesn't make it less of a doll.

      - Do you think less of the owner when they choose to either have a temporary sockdress or a permanent sock dress?

      I think I may think a little less of a person with a permanent sock dress if it was made badly and doesn't look good. But if its a nice looking sock dress and looks good on the doll then no. Besides its there doll who am I to judge what they do with them? It should be okay as long as it makes the person happy.

      - Let me now how you feel about sock dresses in general.

      In general I think there better than a doll sitting around naked.
    14. The way I look at it, if I pay $600 for a doll I want it to look like it's worth $600, that means taking the time to pull together some decent clothes for them.
      It's not really any of my business how others dress their dolls, if they want to put them in sock dresses that's their prerogative, I can understand it as temporary thing while waiting on clothes and if someone goes to the effort of turning it into an actual outfit (ala the contest the contest that DoA held) then all the better and props to them for the effort but a sock with the toe cut off is still going to look like a sock with the toe cut off when it's slapped on a doll and called a dress.
    15. I'm personally all for "live and let live"...it's your doll, so do what you like. However I can understand why some people get upset. Now, if you've taken a nice clean sock and done your best to make something nice out of it because it's all you had, I'll happily applaud your efforts and encourage your ingenuity.:) But I think what upsets people is when somebody takes a dirty or thick or messed up sock that was destined for the trash, cuts armholes and a neckhole in it and then demands we all applaud them for photographing their doll in it...no, that's definitely NOT happening. And people are not being mean or elitist...they just feel really badly for your poor doll because you've made it look like you don't even care (sew a ruffle on the neckline for cryin' out loud...make some sort of an effort!):doh

      I think this really comes into play when someone takes part in a swap and all they send to their swap partner is a sock with holes cut out after receiving a wonderfully made outfit in return. I think this is where the bad "sock dress" analogy is really at it's worse and most shocking. Swap leaders will NOT allow this, by the way, and will now leave you negative feedback for it. You're not fooling anyone, you're just scamming and everyone knows it, so don't even go there!:x

      All this being said of course, I've always thought that with all the adorable socks out there these days, I might just sneak out to get a few pairs and make something really elaborate, funky and well made for one of my own girls. I think it could be a lot of "tongue in cheek" humorous fun.;)
    16. Socks can be used in a way to make great looking clothing, it just depends: is it just a sock cut with a hole in it, or is it actually transformed into doll clothing? Sweater dresses are in now, so if looked like a proper sweater dress and looked properly fashionable with the right shoes and accessories, it's fine.

      If someone is throwing a sock to keep their doll from being naked while they find the perfect outfit for them, I don't see a problem with that either. However, that's not presenting your doll in a way that most people want to see. Most people want to see dolls that are photographed clearly and in a really nice (and clean!) setup. If you just want to share a picture of your new doll, that would be best to do so in your personal blog and not in the gallery. Part of participating in the gallery is self-censoring your photos so you're really showing your doll at it's best.
    17. This is interesting, here's my pov as a sock dresses owner ;)

      Do you have an aversion to sock dresses?
      Yes, couple shirts in fact. I'm not a shame about having sock dresses, since my mom sewed it so well (she was a seamstress), they look like a actual shirts with normal fabrics. You can't recognize it anymore that those turtleneck shirts were socks before. She used socks since she liked the patterns and the colors.

      Do you think it makes a doll less of a doll when it doesn't have what the average owner calls proper clothing?
      Nope. A doll is still a doll whether it uses sock dresses, proper clothes or naked.

      Do you think less of the owner when they choose to either have a temporary sock dress or a permanent sock dress?
      Nope, what the owners choose for their dolls is up to them. I still use those sock dresses for my MSD even though i got many proper clothes for them, since they are tailor-made sock shirts, and they are memento from my mom.

      Let me now how you feel about sock dresses in general.
      A good-made sock dress is still a proper dress. Tho i have couple sock dresses, I'm still cringing when i see a poor-made sock dress. As long as i couldn't see the sockness (is it even a word?) of the dress, i don't mind using one.
    18. - Do you have an aversion to sock dresses?
      Yes, they're tacky and stupid looking. Most dolls have beautifully sculpted bodies, they would look better naked than in a sock dress, and there are super cheap clothes you can buy instead. I mean you can spend like $35 and get a whole outfit that looks decent and a doll really only needs one outfit.

      - Do you think it makes a doll less of a doll when it doesn't have what the avarage owner calls proper clothing?
      It's still a doll, it's just an ugly cheap-looking doll.

      - Do you think less of the owner when they choose to either have a temporary sockdress or a permanent sock dress?
      Honestly yes. I don't randomly hate them or something but I will assume they're lazy and only in the hobby as a spur-of-the-moment-saw-one-at-an-anime-convention-and-wanted-in type deal.

      - Let me now how you feel about sock dresses in general.
      I feel the same way about sock dresses as I do about sharpie faceups: careless, lazy, severely detracts from the doll's looks. Why spend so much money on a beautiful, expensive, and unique doll and then completely cheap out on the clothes, hair, eyes, or shoes. Also why take pictures of it in the sock and post them?
    19. It does strike me as a little odd to permanently put a doll in a sock dress. Why spend so much money on a doll and put it in something slapshod like a cut sock?

      But I don't think there's something inherently wrong/bad about using a sock as the material for doll clothes. Considering the size of dolls, you're not always going to need to buy a quarter-yard (I think that was the minimum to buy at the fabric store nearby) of fabric to make an outfit, I don't see anything wrong with re-purposing fabrics from other things to sew doll clothes and it would be frighteningly arbitrary to decide that the fact I use leftovers from my cosplays to make doll clothes is fine and then tell people the socks are invalid as a doll clothes fabric. The size of socks kind of helps towards finding patterns/designs proportional to dolls.
    20. - Do you have an aversion to sock dresses?
      I think they're fine only when done correctly, which tends to be 2% of the time. Dx

      - Do you think it makes a doll less of a doll when it doesn't have what the avarage owner calls proper clothing?
      I don't think so. I've seen people dress dolls in all sorts of things that weren't neccesarily 'proper clothing' and it has turned out lovely. I think it only really irks me when it looks unflattering and like they didn't try to make it look nice or even decent. My cousin actually made a dress for her DM Ipsae from a black dress sock. It looked quite stunning and you wouldn't have even known it was a sock if you didn't ask. The reason it looked so nice was because the used a brand new sock and hemmed the edges, as well as added lace and ribbons to it, actually putting some time and effort into it.

      - Do you think less of the owner when they choose to either have a temporary sockdress or a permanent sock dress?
      It depends upon the situation. If someone had made a very lovely dress from a sock and used it for either a permanent/temp outfit, I wouldn't mind at all. But if it was some used, dirty sock that they cut in less than a minute and stuck on their doll, I'd be bothered. There's a difference between being thrifty and being lazy, and while a sock dress /could/ look nice, it usually tends to look awful, which is why I frown upon it unless done right.

      - Let me now how you feel about sock dresses in general.
      For the love of all things good, if you're gonna put your doll in a sock dress, atleast make sure its a nice and NEW sock and that you take care of hemming it up. I really don't like seeing people put their dolls in dirty used socks that are unevenly cut. It jsut gives me the vibe that the owner just doesn't care at all.