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Solar Wind Dolls

Apr 30, 2018

    1. Established Russian doll artist Anna Egorova has just brought out what I believe is her first customisable ball-jointed doll. He is called Konstantin and might well still be on pre-order (at present, there is no time or quantity limit). He is 31cm tall and, when she produces more measurements, I will add those too.

      Fullset is 685 Euros
      Nude with paint and hair 510 Euros
      Blank and bald 370 Euros

      This doesn't include PP fees, which is a bit off. However, this is the first time she has sold like this, so I suspect there will be a lot of tweaking of sales model if she continues with it.


      You can find Anna and order via Facebook and Instagram
      #1 MadamMauMau, Apr 30, 2018
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    2. Gosh, he's cute! But I don't collect mature tinies, I wouldn't even know what to do with him. If anyone orders, post pics!
    3. I have one on order and will do a review, if I can summon the energy. I am vaguely hoping he might sort of fit with my action figures (although he probably won't). At least he should be able to wear action figure clothes. I am looking to him to be a portable sort of doll. I am just such a sucker for the realistic Russian style.
    4. Amazing sculpt! The size is perfect too. If only I had doll money. Oh well, at least I can look.

      I just keep coming back to look! Gorgeous body. :drool
      #4 kurogane, Apr 30, 2018
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    5. Those additional joints in the shoulders and thighs and knees are so interesting. He's small enough take 1/6th scale clothes and items I think. This could be interesting:evilplot:
    6. Yes, I am hoping action figure clothes will fit him.

      There has been a hiccough in production. The holes for the head magnets were wrong and the heads are currently being recast. It's her first go at commercial production, so there are bound to be teething troubles. I am fine to wait. Not long now!
    7. My Konstantin arrived a couple of weeks ago and I had a go at a tiny, teeny little faceup. I really had to push myself with this one. The sculpt is a little rough, so I found acrylic washes to be a better option than pastel. He has a very small cranium, so looks odd with no hair. Hence the toilet paper turban. I hope to get wigging in the next couple of weeks. Eyes are Ancient Tales 6mm. The fit and iris scale is good. However, the irises look a little crude at this scale. I might have to make him some if I can't find anything more detailed.

      On clothing, action figure trousers sort of fit. A bit loose on the leg. Top halves don't at all. He swims in them. I wonder if female figure tops will be a better option. I don't have any, but might be able to borrow some to try out.

      #7 MadamMauMau, Aug 19, 2018
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    8. I just bought a blank one of these boys they were selling for a discount and I'm so so excited about him. I really would love to see more owner photos.
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    9. Yesterday I got my Konstantin from Solar Wind Dolls.
      He is an amazing and incredible sculpture doll, the most realistic doll I have.
      Despite the fact that it's difficult to pose him and requires skills that I don't yet have in the right amount, photographing him gave me great pleasure

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    10. Stunning!

      Did Anna make that wig? I saw her post something similar on her FB a few days ago. Beautiful job. And congrats!
    11. @MadamMauMau, Yes, the wig, face up and blush made by Anna. Thanks.
    12. I ordered a Konstantin from Anna in her most recent preorder. I fell in love with his melancholy gaze.

      How accurate was the 3-4 months wait for the previous preorder?
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    13. Wow that detail in such a tin sculpt is amazing
    14. I picked up my Konstantin today, after much time spent in a box because I didn't know what to do with him. I found that the Glazki eyes I had bought for him all that time ago and somehow never got around to trying are perfect. It inspired me to have another tit about with the faceup. I think I have him, now. Just need to decide on his era and I will make a wig.

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    15. He looks so incredible! Somber and kind of moody- and the way you photographed him feels very Rembrandt to me! Gorgeous gorgeous job! What eras are you considering?
      Im working on mine currently actually, finished his wig the other day, hopefully I'll do his faceup soon!
    16. Not sure. My favourite times/places are the Dutch Renaissance and fin de siècle Paris and London. If I modify the beard a bit, he could be either of those. Actually, the beard would be the same for both (Van Dyke type), so at least I don't need to make that decision. Perhaps the hair could be the same, too, if I give him a James McNeill Whistler sort of bob. OK, that decides that.

      I need to see pics of the wig!
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    17. Omg he's going to look so wonderful! Either direction will be so gorgeous, I cant wait to see!!

      No good pictures yet, the poor guy still needs a face, but here's a turnaround video of the wig after i styled it (for the second time lol, first time had some problems but i didnt want to remake the whole wig). This one has some problems too, to be fair, and I'll eventually remake it better, but it'll do for now!
    18. You did a great job! Short wigs are a bitch to make and tiny short wigs are the worst. That looks perfectly stuck and styled. Chapeau!
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    19. Thanks so much! It's been super finicky but im really happy with the results!
    20. OMG! He's great! He looks absolutely realistic and leaves no one indifferent!