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Som things on Volksusa

Dec 17, 2005

    1. Not sure if anybody has noticed, but MSD Enn 2nd and Toppi are available on the volksusa website. A lot of people were saying they wanted Enn 2nd on the dolpa 14 thread, and I thought this would be nice to know since he's a pretty fair price.

      Stupid me, I mis-spelled the title v.v
      Oh well, ignore my illiteracy, please?
    2. You can also still get Magical Michael, Sweet Dream Mimi, Kohya, And the Sweet Dream Yo-SDs.
    3. The Sweet Dream Yo SD are sold out even though they are still listed on the website. The way you tell is to try and put one in your cart, then it will say inventory unavailable. I don't know about the availability of the other dolls you mentioned because I didn't try them, except for Toppi, who was still available a few days ago.
    4. SD Yo SD Rengemaru is still available at the in person Volks store though ( at least as of today)
    5. That's such a great offer! I can't believe you can get Kohya again...
    6. I know. They've released him three times now. DP12, website anniversary, and LA Opening.

      He must be popular. :3.