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Some good news for CP lovers ^^

Apr 7, 2005

    1. So, I emailed Doogi to ask if there would ever be a new Kid Delf head, ie, an elf!! (Hehe ^^) and I just got his reply...

      hi~lovely Lisa~

      how are you doing?

      i checked your sweet mail at today.
      thanks very much~! (^^:)

      luts have new head of kid delf and delf.

      i will regist them on web site, soon~(^^:)

      and i will regist the new elf type doll at april.

      please~! wait for a while~!!

      if you have any question, send mail to me.

      have a nice & happy day~!


      from : your friend....doogi

      So, anyone want to place bets on what will be added? A Chiwoo elf maybe? Sleeping Nara? Elf Bomi??

      The only thing that does worry me is - I got excited over the mention of the elf type doll, because I assumed it would be a Kid Delf (that's what I asked about). But now I'm wondering if he meant the little dolls like Konjidolls :/ Boooo!

      Oh well, it's all good! :D :D
    2. I hope they make an (unlimited) Elf Chiwoo, and an (unlimited) Elf Ani. :D
    3. Deleted...
    4. I hope you're not wrong, because I want the Kid Delf to be an elf >_< It won't be, of course... :roll:
    5. Omg... if the new elf boy -is- the new Luts boy, I'm going to be in SO much trouble.

      Zoi's bank account: *snarls and bites her fingers when she goes near it*
      Zoi: ;_;
    6. Sounds like April's going to be a busy month for Luts!

      And a poor month for us :oops: