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Some info about Elf Lishe

Sep 8, 2004

    1. Elf Lishe will be displayed at the 10th Flea(or free) Market in Korea.
      The Flea Market is held on Sunday.
      But she will be available at the end of October.
      If you're planning to get her, you have to wait. :|

      If possible, I'll post some pics of her later.
    2. October I can wait for:D.. thats my birthday month.... if you can get some pictures, you will make many people happy and *hehehe* probably frustrated too.:oops: But I for one would really appreciate anything you can show us... Take care and have a good time at the Fleamarket :grin:

      - Therese
    3. Does she have two heads though?
    4. We will just have to wait and see won't we...

      - Therese
    5. ^^ I suppose so~
    6. I am so happy to hear this. My dream doll. Where should I check to make sure I can order one?Will she will be limited.
      I have been saving for another doll and really not getting excited over anyone. Now I,m excited..All right calm down.
    7. Took me a moment to figgure out what you were talking about. Whoops!
      So, what is this Elf Lishe you're all so excited about? I feel like an idiot, but what is she?
    8. Cerberus Project Lishe.. Elf version.. like her brother El was released as an elf.

      - Therese
    9. Thank you for this news, Sienna! :D I can't wait to see her!!!
    10. Sorry. I saw Elf Lishe, but I couldn't post any photos of her because I didn't have a camera.
      Instead, I borrowed her quick photo from someone.

      Please don't take the photo to anywhere. It's not mine.
      As you know, Elf Lishe has Elf ears. She costs $600.
      Her option parts and a wig have not been decided.
    11. OH WOW!! :o :o :o She looks AMAZING!!!!! *waits impatiently for her own Elf Lishe*
    12. I know you don't know about the other parts, but any idea when it'll be available for pre-order?
    13. Oooh she is gorgeous! Are there more photos of Elf Lishe available somewhere? :daisy
    14. Thanks so much for posting this, Sienna :D She's lovely... hopefully more pictures and info will be available within the next few months...

      - Therese
    15. Thank you for posting this! :D
      I'm so in love. I just ordered my Elf El, and I knew I was going to want to get Elf Lishe. Now I have to get her! :love
    16. Hey, thanks for the photo. She seems to have sleepier eyes than regular Lishe. Either that, or she just has really smoky eyeshadow.... Now I really want to see her other head.