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Some pictures from Volks News (Dolpa13 stuff)

Apr 29, 2005

    1. I don't know if these pictures are readily available or not on the Volks pages, but I thought I'd post them in case anyone was interested and didn't have access to them. Sorry I don't have a scanner, so these are all photos of the pages.

      First, pics of the Dolpa13 glasses. Pricey...

      New metallic eyes, including cat-slit eyes.

      There're also some pictures of Liz that show her sitting... and her little outfit has a bustle! "Elle peut asseoir" = she can sit... and it looks like she has basically the MSD sitting body, but SD. Kinda cool.

      A new DD - "original gothic." She looks pale... maybe she's a pale DD? That would be cool!

      A picture of all of the current "standards." Nice for reference.

      Last, Sakaki and... closed eyed Sakaki?
    2. Mm, the purple and the deep blue metallic look yummy. I may have to score some of those when I go to Volks, if they're available at the stores this summer.
    3. wow, thanks for posting these!

      O_O sleeping Sakaki is SO BEAUTIFUL! I wonder if he'll be available for sale, or if he's just one of those "tease" dolls they do sometimes?

      Those glasses are pretty awesome too. I bet they are just as well made as the ones they made for Tohya...! (which are really amazingly well made!)
    4. :o
      OH man! I HAVE to get a pair of those glasses!
    5. Yes, she is a "Beauty White" Dollfie Dream. Her name is Yashiro Kasumi (and I simply ADORE her!)
    6. You can see two more sleeping Sakaki's picture here.

      Go down to the page, date 2005/03/23. :daisy
    7. thanks for posting that link! Wow... he is so beautiful...!

      I tried translating the page, and I think it said that Sleeping Sakaki was "not for sale".

      I agree, Yashiro Kasumi is so beautiful! I love her eyes!
    8. ARgh, new glasses!! I might have to get some since Luts is sold out of almost everything!
    9. *screams*

      Volks is sooo sooo bad *_* <3 <3 <3
    10. *dies over sleeping Sakaki*
    11. **sees glasses link** ....okay....that's kinda nice...

      **sees the SD- 06 and SD-04 glasses in black**

      **dies** oh god must have......
    12. :o Oh! Those glasses! *wantwant*
    13. OMG! OMG! Tell me she's going to be for sale- and not just one of these impossible-to-get/ you-can-only-get-her-if-you-go-to-this-particular-show types of dolls! OMG! *dies* A white DD! I'm in heaven!! :D
    14. Yup, it says that Sakaki and "Sakaki's Awakening" (the sleeping one) are on special display at Dolpa 13, and are not fore sale. Too bad!
    15. Thanks for sharing the links. :D I want at least two of the Volks glasses.
    16. ::makes grabby hands at sleeping sakaki::
    17. Kasumi makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I hope they release a standard white-skin DD2. (Hey, I hope they made a DD2 standard, period.)
    18. I want those black glasses. (number 7 on the pictures)
      I wonder how easy it would be to get one's hands on those? Hmm..
    19. I want to get a sleeping Sakaki to be Yamato's twin brother. -pine-