Some Pocket Fairy Dolls to be Discontinued

Jun 22, 2006

    1. that's the case with most dolls that aren't made anymore...
    2. They were only released though in Mid-April, so after 2 months they've decided they're not as popular as they'd like? o_O That seems awful fast.

      Having owned 4 of the 5 soon to be discontinued fairies... I adore Jack. He has the sweetest expression, and Momo is so adorable. And Peter.. At least I could understand with him, since he has one of the original ones.
    3. oh noooooooo!
      I wanted aroa, and jack and doogie... they were all on my list...
      I'm happy I have my momo now (at least she's arriving) but... nooooooo

      why does bluefairy always apply this sort of things? >___<

      thats me being dramatic
      I want Jack ...I planned to get him in September

      and I love Momo ...but there is no way I can get the cash for both
      .......Ok me thinks Im gonna have to clean out some of my boxs and see what I have to sell!
    5. Momo is on my list but now I'm not sure I can buy her before August! Darn. :(
    6. do you think a letter to BF will change something?
      If we are a lot and we want to buy the dolls... oh I'm so sad about this ;___; I only want PFs (well, maybe an unoa but I'm not sure) and they were so cute!
    7. That's really odd...four of the five are new dolls, just released. Looks like I'll have to get Peter earlier than I planned.

      I wonder if their Tiny Fairys will also have some discontinuations?
    8. I guess they decided they shouldn't have more than one doll with the same mold?
    9. that's strange because I thought momo has had more succes than, for example, chou which will be produced again, and that's strange...
      I wonder if they are releasing only one doll for each mold because they are preparing custom make ups? I know some months ago they were preparing them (I was asking for a girl with freckles... ) before the release of the new dolls.
      But probably this is more my hope than a real possibility.
    10. So, then, Choco will be the only boy? I'd already asked them about putting the heads on a different body (before Aroa came out) and was told they wouldn't do that. All that will be left is Chou, Choco, Yoko, and both Mays (and I wonder why Sleeping Minimay survived the cut....).
    11. >.< I've been killing myself ever since I saw that message... There's NO WAY I'll be able to get him before August (I pay for things through my Mum, and I already owe her over &#163;400 right now... o~o), but I REALLY want Peter! I'm not usually keen on freckles, but he's so cute! I don't know if I want to beg for him, though, because I wasn't sure I would definitely get him in the distant future, anyway! (I was going to get my current wishlist, which is HUGE, and then consider tinies and some other dolls I want.)

      T_T I really don't know what to do..!