Some Shoe Fitting Issues

Jul 15, 2016

    1. So I'm not totally sure if this is the correct spot to post my question. I was gonna do it in Newbieland but I'm past the post count to create topics there.

      I have a Little Monica 42cm boy who has a pair of extremely stiff laceup boots. They're easy to slip on, but a nightmare to take off. His feet don't want to slide out of them like they're meant to when they're completely unlaced. I wish I could compare his feet to other minis, but he's my only BJD at the moment. My next doll isn't arriving for a few weeks. But his feet seem a bit wide in my personal opinion, for his kind. (I could be wrong, but the socks I got for him also don't fit his feet correctly.)

      I don't want to give up the shoes, as they were very nice and a bit pricey, but I thought it was weird that they didn't come with zippers for easy removal. I've even tried peeling them completely inside out to get his foot out, but the soles are too thick and the pleather is too stiff to do that.

      I checked the search to see if this issue had come up before but couldn't find anything, but if you know of a thread that matches my dilemma, I'd be appreciative. ^-^

      Has anyone else had this issue before? What do you do about it? Do you have any tips for me besides forgetting entirely about the shoes and getting him something else? (Because that's last on my list.) I don't feel like it's okay to force his shoes off every time. I feel like the elastic will wear after a few attempts of yanking and I might end up scratching his feet by accident. I'm afraid I need a doll-sized shoe horn.
    2. Oh my god, I have a pair of shoes that will fit onto one foot but not the other and it's so frustrating, especially when they're nice ones! I've noticed that a pair of very thin, kinda.. slippery? socks helps. Like, made out of stockings material, a really really thin mesh.

      On the durability of dolls, though, I wouldn't worry too much about wearing the elastic with yanking. It's designed to stand up to the rigours of high tension and posing - as is the rest of your doll, in fact - so it will be fine, I promise. But I do recommend a pair of tights-material little socks for him to wear inside the boots.
    3. Is it an option to bring the shoes to a shoe fix shop or a tailor to get an extra zipper sewn into to inside side of the boots?

      Or wrap his feet in the plastic ^^ That's how I got into and out of my boots in my horseback riding days XD If the resin is okay with it, that is!!!!
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    4. My Little Monica Little Kliff has kinda big feet, too, IMO. He has a pair of boots that DO have zips up the back, and they're harder to get off his feet than the girls' shoes are to get off of their feet, but they're not too bad. So you will definitely be able to get shoes that are easier to get on and off, but as for what to do about this pair, that's a toughie. I guess you could mod them to lace up the back. Or maybe just try them on your new boy when he arrives. My boy is the only boy I have right now, so I can't compare him to anyone but girls, and their feet are just daintier.
    5. Thank you all for the suggestions! I think they'll take some fiddling around with, I'm sure, but I believe I'll try a couple of those tricks the next time I want to get them on him. (Right now he's wearing them and I'm afraid of taking them off currently. :XD:) I'll have to compare his feet to my other boy's when he arrives and see if they really are wide or not, lol.
    6. One thing I've done with tight shoes is run a short piece of ribbon under my doll's instep, then put the shoe on with the ends of the ribbon sticking out. When it's time to remove the shoe, the ribbon gives me more leverage than just yanking on the foot itself. I hide the ends by tucking them inside the shoe however I can -- a toothpick is handy for poking, heh.