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Some Soom eye's being discontinued.

Jul 5, 2006

    1. Soom is discontining the following eyes, so they're marked down (sorry you'll have to check the site for prices.)

      B01 Silkyyellow
      B02 Silkyorange
      C07 ETcat
      C09 Greencat
      C11 Graycat
      CL03 Gray
      CL05 Skyblue
      CL09 Orange
      D07 Nightblue
      U07 Yellowmarble
      U13 Alitero
    2. Just thought I'd post this in case anyone wanted to go ahead and order direct from them instead of taking part in a group order. I emailed Soom to ask them how much S&H would be for a couple of pairs of eyes, and here is the prompt response I got from them:

    3. Im currently running a group order in the order section if anyone wants to join in. i will PM or email people back later tomorrow if anyone is interested.