Limited Items Something About Echo Town Dolls(Ballet Skirts/Tan Resin Colors/ Notice)**Stacy's Pink Ocean

Jun 30, 2019

    1. Hi,our friends!
      At first,we have a good news to you.You can purchase the tan Resin color dolls from now.Of cause,I also love the tan color girls very much.They are so……charming!But we were not told when the deadline,if you want to perchase one,please place your order SOON.:lol:

      Next,we are very sad and angry that we found some one copied the artist's works and renamed them.This is more than we can bear.The notice below is from the artist.


      Finally,there are some beautiful skirts for ET girls.They are all limited.The collection period is only two days(July 1st~July 2nd).


      Sale page:ET Ballet Skirts -

      That's all!Thank you for your attention!!!
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    2. May I know which head mold is the doll with white long hair wearing the green ballet dress in the image? Thanks :)