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Something you know now that you wish you knew then?

Jun 11, 2019

    1. I just put the first payment down on my first doll ever! I've been wanting to get into BJD for a looong time, but due to being a student I never had the time or the funds to dedicate to it. Now, I've graduated! I want to be as learned as possible. What are some things you know now that you wish you knew when you were starting out?
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    2. This hobby is horrifically expensive.
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    3. Wait and think about what you actually want before buying something.
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    4. That's the part I'm not looking forward to, but....thank the stars I'm working more now :')
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    5. Don't view them as an investment, and be ok with losing money if you decide you don't like a bjd.
      Also use a fabric wig cap if you use a dark wig. The silicone ones can leech the dye through.
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    6. I wish I had known that Taobao has a lot of clothes where I could get more bang for my bucks.
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    7. That's really good to know, thank you!
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    8. Restringing a doll isn't as difficult as it seems. The most difficult part is getting something to help get the strings through the channels.

      I've yet to see someone stop at just one. I'm sure they're out there, but I haven't yet met them. On that, be prepared to want more.

      Measure your dolls yourself. Website measurements aren't always accurate, and sometimes can be off by entire centimeters. You can more accurately ensure an outfit not specifically made for your doll will fit.

      Your first try may not always turn out the way you want - whether it's face-ups, photography, whatever. Don't give up. Keep trying and keep working at it. Even if it still doesn't turn out the way you want it, you still learn from the attempt.

      You can control your experience in this hobby. Don't engage with those who are only negative, or enjoy dragging others down. Block them, if you can. It's fine to do that.

      Sometimes, things don't work out with a doll. You don't bond, it isn't what you expected, etc. That's okay. It's fine to sell a doll that didn't work out. It doesn't mean you failed or anything like that.
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    9. I wish I'd started using Taobao sooner! All the doll companies I like are Chinese, and you can get dolls, clothes, etc. for considerably cheaper on Taobao.

      Also, I wish I had known more about different doll sizes and that 1/4 clothing will NOT necessarily fit my slim minis even though they're also listed as 1/4. Same with wigs... "1/4" size wigs will NOT fit my Doll Chateau minis, I have to buy "1/6" size wigs for them. It's all about the measurements, and for some reason that took a while to sink in for me.
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    10. This is so much wonderful, encouraging advice, thank you!
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    11. Coming from fashion dolls, there's like one size and it magically fits everything. :lol: NOT the case with BJDs. I thankfully saw the difference between MSD and Slim MSD sizes in person for clothing and avoided that crisis, but I had sooo many way too large shoes made for other dolls that had nothing in common with my doll other than height size. Get the actual measurements.

      Edit: I knew about Taobao before, but it really surprised me to see how many people didn't realize that so many of their favorite shops are just resellers. :lol: Nothing wrong with that- kind of how retail works to begin with- but if you have the patience and are making large enough orders, it's probably better to just go straight to the source.
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    12. Krylon is not "just as good" as Mr.Super Clear.
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    13. Coming up with a character first, and then trying to find the right face/wig/eyes/clothing style.... that can be avery costly exercise in frustration. If you just pick things you *like*, you’ll probably be more satisfied with your collection overall.
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    14. Always keep an eye on the new doll!
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    15. I think that one of the most important things that people have mentioned is that clothing will not necessarily fit, even if it says it's for whatever cm height doll you have. But for me, my greatest frustration was in finding that not all dolls are good posers. Some are great right out of the box, others need to be restrung or wired...and some will never do much more than stand around looking pretty. What doll did you buy, if you don't mind sharing?
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    16. Don't be afraid to personalize your doll. Change face-ups, wigs, eyes and styles. Try to do these changes yourself, and don't discourage easily. I bond better with a doll I spend time and effort trying to create things for it. Remember to have fun and ignore negative people, but take in constructive criticism for what it's worth. Sometimes it's just another persons esthetics and style and they just don't get what you are trying to achieve. Welcome to the hobby.
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    17. SD's aren't just really tall, they're also heavy and awkward to handle. Small eyes may look more realistic in photos but in person, in normal lighting they seem dark and lifeless. Seeing and holding the dolls in person is completely different than seeing them in professionally taken photos on doll makers sites and reading dimensions. If you can see dolls in person at a meetup or convention, do it.
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    18. 1. When I first got into this hobby I knew it was going to be expensive, but didn't yet realize that it was going to be more expensive than I thought. It's not just buying the doll itself, but wigs, eyes, clothes, props, more dolls ect.

      2. 1/3 SD's are very big and heavy! (my first doll is that size)

      3. Get a head puller and don't use a shoelace string!

      4. There is a lot of criticism and negativity in this hobby. (not on this site that I am aware of) Honestly I haven't had any issues with this and I've been in this hobby for four years now, but I always hear stories about people getting bullied about their dolls. DoA is a great community and everyone is really nice here!
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    19. I wish I had known that hard cap wigs were so much easier to make than stretchy cap wigs, along with handmade sewn-wefts. I would have saved myself a lot of time, effort and stress, by just learning how to glue on hair (not as simple, but pretty much all you do is glue things together). I also would have loved knowing back then that more realistic dolls were going to be a thing, I wouldn't have purchased a few of the dolls I own now and I would only own one or two instead of six. I don't regret the dolls I own now, but I honestly believe that as far as this hobby goes, less is definitely more for me.
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    20. It's not the doll that's the most expensive, it's everything that comes after. Clothes, wigs, eyes, shoes and everything else comes back to get ya as well.
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