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Something you've wanted forever that you still don't have.

May 10, 2017

    1. I am curious as to whether or not there's something that's been on your wishlist for a long time now, yet you still don't have it. Whether it's a doll, piece of clothing, furniture.. Is there something that you want, but it's a little high above your price range? Or even just because you keep getting other things before this item? Or you simply just.. Don't have it yet, even though it's been sitting there in your thoughts for a while now. What might it be?

      For example, I've always really wanted a character doll such as Hatsune Miku, Ciel Phantomhive, or Lin and Ren, but they're so expensive, I haven't gotten myself to be able to do it. And then I miss the opportunity and have to wait for the next one. :lol::chomp:
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    2. Yes.

      I have a soft spot for Doll Chateau Elizabeth and Xaviera, but they don't fit into my collection and I can't justify spending $500+ on small dolls that don't have a specific place in my crew. I've wanted Debbie and Caroline for years now too, but I haven't been able to find them since they've been discontinued, and I'm not sure I could afford the asking price anyway, so it hasn't been a priority to seek them out.

      Then there are a whole string of dolls I could fit into my crew that I really like--Impldoll Star girls, Aimerai Jersey Devil, Raccoon Doll girls, Iplehouse JID Benny, IslandDoll Muan Muan, Dollshe Amanda Beauty, Nympheas Dolls ChouChou, Charles Creature Cabinet Princess Kaba, FreakStyle Sasha and probably several more. Many of them are easily found or readily available, some aren't even expensive at all, but it seems like I either don't have money, or when I do, I end up getting something else. So they stay floating on my "maybe one day" wishlist, which may or may not ever happen.

      On the other hand, I have been in love with Doll Factory's Devil Bobo for about 8 years and just never bought one, though I did try to trade for one once and got rejected, so I jut thought it wasn't meant to be and stopped trying for a long time. I preordered one last month, FINALLY! I hope she's as awesome in person as she is in photos.
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    3. Wow you still have a long list to go, don't you!? :lol: It's a bummer when you wait and then you lose the chance in the end. I hope the ones you truly are looking forward to having make their way to you! And 8 years is a long time, wow!! Congratulations, I'm glad you finally got to buying that Devil Bobo, I would love to see her when you have her! I hope she ends up being as you wanted also! Beautiful list of dolls, thanks for sharing. I always love seeing new dolls!

    4. It is a long list, and a lot of it is "Ohhh, that's pretty, I want it!" more than desperately seeking it, so there's a high chance I won't really get it all ever. Just things to consider if I ever unexpectedly come into a large amount of money that doesn't need to go to anything else! :P
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    5. Yes, have a few! The first one was because when I first joined the hobby, I didn't understand the concept 'if you really like it, get it or you will regret it'. The price seemed so high for a tiny Bjd, I was so new, and I settled for some thing else. I'm still pining for a Legend de Temps Puzzelf. Oh well... The others on my list are just too much money for me to justify: smart doll Eiji, or any Volks DD (esp Lin & Rin, and the newest Kirito).
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    6. The one thing I really, truly, badly want now but can't get is a Dollzone Heavy Rain fullset.
    7. I have a few... I've had DoD Ducan on my wishlist for literally like seven or eight years, but I took a bit of a hiatus from the hobby and just...kept getting other dolls instead. I still want Ducan, but now with DoD kind of disappearing and all the other dolls on my wishlist, he's kind of taken a backseat. I'll get him eventually!
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    8. Yes I have always wanted a Soom Merry Monarch. I really loved the sculpt and all the historical accessories that he came with. At the time I couldnt justify spending that much money so I let him go, but I have watched the MP ever since to see if one came up for sale. Sadly, I dont think he was popular as I have never seen one on DOA
    9. Sweet Gale Cyril......
    10. I have a few things, I suppose, but there's one big thing

      I've always wanted a Senior Delf quintus. Back when he was released, I was working part time with barely any money, and couldn't afford him. NOW you can NEVER find him second hand and I've missed out on a doll I'd die for. -sigh- I'd sweep him up in a heart beat if I could and push all other doll plans aside.
    11. I want a doll room in my apartment! But it's not big enough, so that'll have to wait till I can afford moving somewhere with more rooms ;)
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    12. A Volks F-54. Been in love with the sculpt ever since I started the hobby three years ago. Hopefully that will change this year, though. If I manage to hold out until August I can order her then. :)
    13. Jikatabi. :sigh
      Probably never gonna happen. I got lucky with the taiko.
    14. DC Elizabeth.
      She's stunning, and I will get her eventually ... I just don't know when eventually will be.
      I have such big plans for my spiderling whenever I do get her. :aheartbea
    15. My main search right now is a Super Gem Soom Sabik head since he usually appears as a Mecha Angel. I have the body ready for him! Then I also have a few I would like but not quite the very top of my list.
    16. Dikadoll BaiXuan (human), and Soom Dia (Male).

      I did want a Soom Hyperon all those years ago, but I've since been able to write his character out of the dolls' story to which he, Alex, and my MK Cris (who will be called Mishka) belong. So, I have no real need for him.

      But, since I saw Dikadoll's BaiXuan almost 5yrs ago, I've wanted him. His character has kind of been written out, also, but the desire to have him is still there. I find myself developing little bits of his character now and then. And, Soom Dia? Well, he's not got a character, but he's always been that one doll to niggle away at the back of my mind...
    17. LUTS Commander of Blue Knights Abadon. Yes, a freakin' LE fullset from 2009. I kind of found out about him eight years too late. Very deep sigh.... (Maybe they'll rerelease him? I notice LUTS has made new versions of Forgotten Story Bory...well, I'll keep hopin')
    18. For BJDs, Iplehouse Jessica. her sculpt isn't really rare but she still captivates me every time I look at her.
      Smart Doll Mirai is in my head too.
    19. I've wanted a Volks Yugiri for years. Every time I see one for sale I'm like AWWWW YEESSSmeh I don't want to spend the $$
      Also a Narae or Narin. I don't really care which, or what color really, I've just always wanted one. It's almost happened a few times, but then no.
      And a huge handful of DC and DZ dolls but y'know. Too many dolls.
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    20. I would love an eve the cat pet. That's an expensive pet for my dolls, though.
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