SomniaCrawler Doll - Minis

Aug 20, 2020

    1. ~ First post reserved for general info on SomniaCrawler and their creations. As such it is bound to be frequently edited and updated. ~


      This is the thread for MSD sized of Somnia Crawler Doll.
      The creator is located in Europe, Spain.

      The first official release is called Nara, an orc, of the Hoodlums series.
      Nara was released for pre-order in Feb 2019.
      Original colors offered were „Basic Apricot“ and „Basic Fresh Moss“.
      Later those having joined the pre-order were given the option to change their pre-order to „Teal“ which was meant to be a limited color, but gained a lot of popularity when showcased on Instagram.

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      Teal & Apricot
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      The BJD Place did an interview shortly before Nara‘s release, which you can find here:


      SomniaCrawler Doll has
      Facebook: Somnia Crawler Doll
      Instagram: Login • Instagram


      Have one? Share it!
      Want one? Feel free to fangirl and ask questions!
    2. Made this thread since there hasn't been one yet and I love my Nara too much, to not share her and hope to find others sharing the same sentiment ;P

      Here's my girl. She's still a work in progress, but getting there.
      [​IMG]SomniaCrawler Doll - Nara (orc) by Wildcard_Snowy, on Flickr

      Please share yours if you have one or feel welcome to share your own wishes and plans for when you can get your own :D
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    3. Your girl looks great!!! Thanks for starting a thread. I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures (and perhaps hearing some news from this artist).
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    4. Thank you and no problem ^^
      I'm also looking forward to what else she comes up with and if I see news, I'll be sure to post it here if someone hasn't already :D