SomniaCrawler Doll - Minis

Aug 20, 2020

    1. ~ First post reserved for general info on SomniaCrawler and their creations. As such it is bound to be frequently edited and updated. ~


      This is the thread for MSD sized of Somnia Crawler Doll.
      The creator is located in Europe, Spain.

      The first official release is called Nara, an orc, of the Hoodlums series.
      Nara was released for pre-order in Feb 2019.
      Original colors offered were „Basic Apricot“ and „Basic Fresh Moss“.
      Later those having joined the pre-order were given the option to change their pre-order to „Teal“ which was meant to be a limited color, but gained a lot of popularity when showcased on Instagram.

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      Teal & Apricot
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      The BJD Place did an interview shortly before Nara‘s release, which you can find here:


      SomniaCrawler Doll has
      Facebook: Somnia Crawler Doll
      Instagram: Login • Instagram


      Have one? Share it!
      Want one? Feel free to fangirl and ask questions!
    2. Made this thread since there hasn't been one yet and I love my Nara too much, to not share her and hope to find others sharing the same sentiment ;P

      Here's my girl. She's still a work in progress, but getting there.
      [​IMG]SomniaCrawler Doll - Nara (orc) by Wildcard_Snowy, on Flickr

      Please share yours if you have one or feel welcome to share your own wishes and plans for when you can get your own :D
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    3. Your girl looks great!!! Thanks for starting a thread. I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures (and perhaps hearing some news from this artist).
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    4. Thank you and no problem ^^
      I'm also looking forward to what else she comes up with and if I see news, I'll be sure to post it here if someone hasn't already :D
    5. Ah somehow I forgot about this thread! I love my Nara!
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    6. That wolf is so amazing. I really need more photos of my Nara as well
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    7. Thank you <3
      I really love it too :D
      And it’s just such s perfect mount fit for her :D

      And what do you mean more xD I haven‘t seen a single picture of yours over here yet.
      Kindly fo hand them over ;)
    8. @Lilla My Nara felt so highly insulted at the mere suggestion, that she might not be able to ride her wolf, that she was actually the best behaved for this photoshot that she has ever been.

      To answer your question:
      She'd like to answer: Can pigs fly?
      (Of course they can - and if yours can't, she is more than willing to lend them a hand or two. ;p )

      [​IMG]Orc rifing her wolf by Wildcard_Snowy, on Flickr
    9. :lol::thumbup

      She looks so good on it!
    10. @Lilla XD Thanks! That was the intention. Acutally I purchased the wolf for her before she was officially released for pre-order. In anticipation / fear of her size potentially not working out, I had one of my Loongsoul girls mount the wolf (as she is one of my smaller MSDs) and... nearly got in trouble cause I had the itch to get a 2nd one, as the other girl looked DARN GOOD on the wolf too XD

      Managed to hold back. It's my Nara's first, was planned that way from the start and ... well... They make it work ;)
      Really need to give her weapon a paint job thought. And maybe the wolf gets a sort of harness for easier posing them together, preferably in a dynamic pose like as if they are riding into battle or mid-battle *0*
    11. Ok here is a picture for the thread!
      I'm so happy I hung onto this frapzilla wig. Was it the style I had in mind? no. Was it a color I had planned? also no. But its just too flipping cool!
      [​IMG]Urzoth Jr by Skyealloway, on Flickr

      (side sob story - I moved to a new house in 2020 and still don't have a doll photo area properly set up and its been like 8 months :()
      I put up some new photos of her on my instagram as well: Login • Instagram
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    12. Hahaha, I know a thing or two about wigs not quite like planned XD
      But she's rocking that style. Also love the little tankard. Totally need to either make or find one to print a multiple times for my dwarf's tavern XD Cheers!

      (Also, don't stress yourself, when you get around it it will become even more glorious for it ;)
    13. I love seeing what other people have done with their Naras!!
      Here's mine, she's supposed to be a more sci-fi, shadowrun type character. I really want to pick her up like, a nice miniature rifle or something like that, definitely some futuristic accessories (but for now she's a work in progress)
      also I still haven't named her

      I plan to redo her faceup sometime next month
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    14. Very cool @Mr_Sunstrider ! I like the unexpected sci fi orc angle. She has a very cool look.

      I haven't seen anyone with a Nara using the extra large bust. It's sooo big, I like the small bust because it fits so many clothes that I have. I am curious to see it thou.
    15. @Mr_Sunstrider Shadowrun!!! Cool! Any specific class you want her to repsresent? Looking forward to seeing what accessoirs and other stuff you come up for her XD

      On a side note, it's just been decided that my Nara will actually be included in the next Dungeon's and Dragon's campaign, as my friends and I prepare to dive into the 5th Edition at long last via video-calls :3 She's a half-orc barbar there and doesn't get a wolf-mount, but... I'm happy to see her swipping enemies left and right in the future. -^^-
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    16. Thank you @skyealloway !! I actually have the extra large bust on my Nara right now (after restringing her to try and get her to stand better....which didn't work) so I took a couple of pictures for the thread
      [​IMG] [​IMG]
      please excuse my terrible set up! I'm thinking I'll probably switch her back to the small bust at some point though, because it is so big.

      I'd never really thought about what class she'd be @Snowy but thinking about it now I think she'd be cool as a rigger or a street samurai! I'm gonna have to get her a tiny drone and see how it looks lmao!
      that's so exciting that your Nara is gonna be in your next dnd game as well! I hope she gets to do loads of cool things!!
    17. Oh awesome thank you @Mr_Sunstrider ! She's so much ...with the large bust!

      Mine doesn't like to stand either. Seems like the little ledge on the lower knee peanut isn't quite ledge-like enough to keep her leg straight. I think wiring her legs would help, but I really like her versatility is sitting poses, so I'll probably just opt for a doll stand and leave her legs as is.
    18. @Mr_Sunstrider Oooh, that top really helps putting those cuves in a special spotlight! Lovely :D

      Why choose, when you can just make samurai-sword fighting rigger out of her ;) Totally get a drone!!! (You make ME want a drone for myself XD)

      Hahaha, yes it was a spontanous decision cause half or the ppl already knew what class they were gonna do and we already have a rogue and a cleric and highly likely a mage and I was like: Ok. We need close-combat damage. ... *side-eyeing Nara all of sudden* ... Well... I never got around playing an half-orc ...
      My friends (all also BJD hobbyists or know about it) were highly cheering for me introducing to them their main front fighter XD
      I'll have to make her some small pouches for the belt and finally get around painting her weapon. That or make and print a greataxe for her, as that's going to be her canon main weapon. Probably XD Still a work in progress :3

      @skyealloway wiring usually won't get in the way of flexability. Depending on the thickness of the wire you might just need some extra grease ;) It had a Resinsoul Ming once, who was an absolut delight to pose after a friend wired him for me.