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Song of The Boys

Feb 5, 2005

    1. "Medicated lip stick"? Like, chapstick or something?
    2. That is so cute! I love the little character chart, and the 'pockets,' of course. X_X

      Fishies- I bet you Isao wears lipstick on weekends. >)
    3. haha! It's funny that Isao doesn't adore or anything anyone else yet. ROFL
    4. Oh god, it's all so adorable~ XD
      Doesn't it make you want them ALL??

      Cloud *in bed*: "I know I wouldn't complain, NYAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH" /crazy
    5. That figures, they're going to have a new boy and I'm going to want him, I bet =_=;;;;

      *starts setting aside money NOW.. sigh 9_9; *

      Oh, yes, and the way they describe Isao actually... reminds me a bit of Sakaki from Azumanga Daioh XD; the tall, cool, silent type who is pretty oblivious to the fact that she's both feared/admired by most of them XD;; How sweet!

      Now I'm more comfortable with him... Even if he looks like a pimp half the time.
    6. ............

      Shirou & Tsukasa x Nanjo?!

      ............ Okay, that is just WRONG....... *not a big, rabid Nanjo fan*

      But who's the long hair beauty? I wanna know too!
    7. I think they should re-release Tsukasa. At a Dollpa this august. When I'm there and can buy him. *chuckles*

      Anyway - that page is v.cute. Aww, adoration. <3
    8. Is that mean that the new boy... the number 4 .. is going to be released on Dolpa 13 ??? :o
      And a long hair !!! I LOVE !!!! :o :D
      I'm definitly going to save money for him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      thanks so much for sharing this link !!!!
    9. that's swweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! Hahaha pocket! XD
    10. Sooo...When is the next Dollpa? In August?
    11. *laughing* I don't know! August is just my wishful thinking. ^__^;
    12. They cannot resist his ability to stand in the rain looking cool (Or his lipstick. Maybe it's the lipstick)
    13. ROFL XD; it's not 'adoration' in the sense of the english word, I think... What they probably mean is that they admire/idolize him, not that they want to sleep with him >>;;;

      ... I hope ;_;
    14. I hope NOT. Boy pile! xDD;;;
    15. If it's anything like the manga I read all the time - it's a lot more than just thinking he's cool.. hahahahaa!!!

      I do love my manga... ^_^;
    16. Hey! What's wrong with a three way boy pile!?!? (or four or five or...) XD

      I had definitely best keep saving. *eyes the 'new computer' savings account*
    17. I'm all for a three boy pile!

      I'd feel a bit bad for Jun, though, since before it sounded like her and Isao had something. Well, she could join in the pile too... Although then that'd be incest, I suppose. Hmm...

      The love lives of dolls are so complicated.
    18. Just X times Boy Pile will do. xD
    19. *suddenly imagines pile of all DOA members' boys; brain promptly explodes*