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Sooah is released !!

Oct 25, 2005

    1. :o Gorgeous! Everything I love about Soah and Ryung in one doll!
    2. :o

      She is GORGEOUS!! Breathtaking!! She just oozes sexyness and beauty. *stares in awe*

      (And why, oh, why must I be so broke?)
    3. wow, she's really really really pretty.
    4. She's amazing I love her!

      Is she limited to 50 only, or is it a special limited fullset?
    5. Wow, THAT is a sexy face sculpt.
    6. Oh, WOW!!!

      I've been wanting one of your lovely Soah's, but I may switch my desire to Sooah now that I've seen her . . . she is amazing!!

      Thank you for sharing your beautiful works with us :)

      -- Andi <3
    7. X3 She is so beautiful!!!! Aaah, the wishlist grows.
    8. SUCH a Beautifull girllie >_<!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I luv this Soah!!
    9. omg.. sooah is so gorgeous.. :D :o
    10. The more I look at her the more she reminds me of Liv Tyler.

      I hope I can get one some day.

      *Considers selling that extra kidney*
    11. :love :o :love :o :love :o :love :o :love :o :love :o :love

      Rainman does it again! Beautiful!
    12. :D What a beautiful face! I think I like her even more than Soah!
    13. Rainman, you are so amazingly talented! She's so beautiful! :D
    14. So....gorgeous... *_*

    15. Wah! And just when I've decided against a Soah, Rainman has to come out with a sexier, more mature version. :cry: This is NOT helping me save money. :| Oh well. Such a beautiful, beautiful girl. . .
    16. Wow, this is what charisma is all about. :D Not only is this a beautiful head...there's just something about her that draws you in. Makes me want to buy her, even though I've never considered a mature girl doll!
    17. She's gorgeous :o
    18. Wow. :o I think I'm in love. :D :D :D
    19. I heard that she is sold out already.