Preorder **soolee** Drayton, Miu

Jan 9, 2016

    1. [​IMG]

      Sooleedoll reopens its 'sale' board taking preorder for Drayton and Miu heads.
      There has been only one time chance to get them each year.
      Please do not miss it.

      Soolee's Workshop

      More information or questions, do not hesitate to leave your messages.

      Happy day!!
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    2. Will devil drayton ever become available again?
    3. What bodies would these heads be appropriate for? What resin do they match? Thank you so much!
    4. sorry. no more available
    5. I can say that Drayton fits to Volk's 13bodies and his skin colors are very flexible to all bodies.
    6. more available.
    7. How long will the heads be for sale?
    8. until at the end of January , 2016.
      Thanks for your interest.
    9. aww, they're so addictive I'm almost considering getting a third one :3 How much is the shipping to Europe? Will the WS resin colour be available as well?
    10. The Ems fee to Europe will be $25. Both Normal and White skikns are available.
      Have a good day.
    11. Hey MSDoll,
      Is there a picture of resin comparison between normal skin and white skin?
      Does WS match Dollndoll white skin?
      I am so excited to get Drayton! :dance This is like a dream come true~
    12. Dear...
      sorry I don't have the picture you ask.
      As there are many doll companies, I can't adjust to specific one.
      However, I can say most of skin colors will match to Drayton's very nicely.
      Have a good day!