New Doll Sooleedoll New release

Dec 18, 2020

    1. 1. Marin

      2. Michel
      Sooleedoll releases New MSD dolls with special prices.

      ----------Update//Below are finished --------------
      takes memorial order of Drayton and Miu heads.
      Please do not miss this chance

      1. Drayton

      2. Miu

      I am so glad to come back to Doa playing BJD with you.
      Thanks for watching
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    2. How do I know if my order was accepted?

      I filled out the order form and confirmed, but the pop up that comes on is in Korean, I dont know what it reads.
    3. Your order form was accepted immediately.
      I will reply within 24 hours.
      Thanks a lot
    4. Miu is so gorgeous❤️ Until when is the sale? :)
    5. well...I've started to duplicate it again and think I will continue selling it for a while
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    6. ---Drayton and Miu are finished. Please do not order them, Thanks-----