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Soom 2010 event

Oct 28, 2010

    1. Hello, I found this out on Soom website, its about their special event ^^

      2010 Post MD Sale Event
      * Ordering period: November the 9th ~ 11th 2010 (3 days period).
      * Registration with the application form and lottery holding.
      * Selected candidates announcement: November the 12th through a notice on the SOOM website.

      * Please be aware that it is not possible to cancel your application once you are registered.
      * Since these are event items, we will not grant any point or accept layaways for them.

    2. So, if I'm understanding this correctly- it goes like this:

      If you are the owner of a Soom MD you can "order" the doll you want and put the order # of an old MD order in the comments section, then they draw an order # and you can buy the doll you put in for.
    3. Chehime: That refers to the other event, where you can purchase the outfits, shoes and wigs of previous MDs, regardless of the one(s) you've purchased in the past. All you need to do is provide your order number AND the authorized serial number in the comments section when you place your order for the extras you're ordering. :)

      The previous MD sale event will run like the last one did, with the application and lottery process and if I recall correctly, that wasn't restricted to owners/purchasers of previous MDs.
    4. Will there be a form to enter with?
    5. I've created a discussion thread for this event. Please discuss there to keep the news thread free of clutter. ;)
    6. Just saw this update over at SOOM.


      Dear Soom fans,

      Thank you for your deep interest for this event.^^

      However, we noticed there was a mistake in the previous message.

      Please check this message one again :

      To all the owners of SOOM Monthly Dolls – Limited Optional Items Sale Event

      * Release date: November the 9th 2010.
      * This event is reserved to all the SOOM Monthly Dolls owners regardless of the MD doll they own.
      This event does not work with Remaining Story, Faery Legend and IDealian dolls.
      * We will offer you a chance to purchase wigs, outfits and footwear of 2009 past MDs, regardless of the owned MD type (Example: if you own a Chalco, you can apply for purchasing a Beyla wig).
      * If you wish to participate, put the wanted item in the shopping cart and write your MD order number or certificate number in the “Order Comments” box.
      * If the provided certificate or order number is incorrect, your request will not be validated.
      * Since these are event items, we will not grant any point or accept layaways for them.
      * Only one registration per person.

      Sorry for making some of you confused (_ _).

      Thank you for your attention !

    7. People seem to be confusing the events or combining them into one. They are two separate events running concurrently.

      For the lottery, the rules state that you can enter for more than one doll, however for the extras/optional items event, it looks like there can only be one order per person. Further clarification is bound to be made once the event kicks off. :)