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SOOM 2011 Monthly Doll Speculation thread

Jan 26, 2011

    1. New year, new MDs! Let's discuss ;)
    2. So based on the info in the Special Order thread, the next MD is supposed to be a brown tan (so like Chalco?) fella. To whomever can actually read the tweets, does it specifically say it's going to be a Mega Gem, or just that it's going to be male?

      Not that I'd be against a tan MG, I was just lamenting the fact that I missed out on Shoshon.
    3. Google translate says:

      "MD appointment with us! ! February Megazemu boy, big girl in March, Tiny and his friends will be in April. SPECIAL ORDER in February and is scheduled to human version of her cute! Seems highly competitive rates;;"

      I can't believe they are waiting on the girl; I was really looking forward to her being blue, like Haidi and Taco!
    4. So the year is starting off big boy, big girl, tinies? I wonder what "his friends" means.
    5. Another MG boy?? Well it will either be really good or reallly bad for me!!
      I've been dreading the next release but I had thought it would be a SG girl,
      for whatever reason, since I don't really pay attention to the spec threads.....
      I'll just say that I would absolutely LOVE it if Soom started to have Gem MDs
      again!!!!!! I'm hoping to get a Gem body for my poor Tuvia and fantasy parts
      and clothes would be so nice. Probably just a dream though.
    6. In the Special Order Chance thread they said it was a Mega Gem.

      It's strange and frustrating that they are going out of order, I wonder if that means they are up to something extra special like they did with the centaur? It'd be nice to see the female Super Gem get some extra special fantasy parts treatment.
    7. Aww I thought it'd be a girl in Feb, tiny in Mar and boy in Apr since it was Shoshon for Dec
      But still I can't wait to see! >w<

      btw, sorry for noobie question, how tall is a mega gem?
    8. It is very interesting that a Mega-Gem is next. It definitely brings a male to mind, but it could be a really tall buff girl ;) lol. Ok probably not. I am really looking forward to these releases. I was hoping for little Moose tinies, but I suppose that won't happen now.
    9. The mega gem is taller 68cm ^^
    10. Thanks $abbatha! ^^

      who knows, soom might really surprise us lol
    11. I believe the tweet in question specified male, but I too am totally on board with a totally ripped female, THAT would be something new to me.
    12. Augh. That schedule is going to be a budget punisher for certain. There is no 'not painful' price tag on the megagems, even blank. :lol: And their girls almost always are total winners. Two SG/MGs in a row are really, really rough to even contemplate as a customer without the month in between for tinies or minis or faeries or... normalies or whatever the gem gems are.
    13. In the tweet they say "little brother" or something, can anyone elaborate on that for me? Does it mean anything to anyone?
    14. LOL! Ah, when I realize I'm planning my life around Soom releases...but if we get updates this way, I'm actually sort of relieved, like the sirens before a tornado... The Soomnado, indeed. :| All right!

    15. It says big brother ^^. Well I don't think this means so much, because inside the blog they often uses the expressions brother and sister for dolls from one company.
    16. Oh for some reason I thought it said little. Well either way, I can see what you're saying, thanks for putting it in context for me!
    17. You and I both!!!!
    18. *raises hand* Glad to know I'm not alone. As for Sooms message
      I'm interested in the "tiny and his friends.." part. wouldn't it be
      interesting if Soom released a whole new line of MDs? And likely
      the death of me too. Well I managed to avoid all but 2 MD's last
      year.....here's hoping I can do nearly as well this year, I say nearly
      because I already have a Taco on layaway and I refuse to limit
      myself to just 1 more:sweat
    19. You said it.

      Maybe its just me but it feels odd if they release new tan male so soon after Shoshon. I was kind of hoping for new NS/CW one. Oh,well...
      What might this new one be? Grown up version of Taco and Dolomi? Maybe not if the male really is tan...
      What would you guys like to see?
    20. i was hoping for a female release , to have a bit of breath after shoshon, but if they release the big feline boy im soomed.