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Soom Alex- Warrior Lady (2011 NYCC Mascot)

Oct 11, 2011

    1. I am in live with get ears! I agree with whoever said she looks a bit like Amber..although I like Alex more :). Although the faceup is a bit boring to me.
      So based on the photo on Soom's Facebook, she doesn't have fantasy legs. I'm wondering what her price is going to be? More like Special Order price, or MD price? Amphibel didn't have fantasy legs and her price was $645, but she had wings....hmmmm...
    2. Well she could still have fantasy legs, because all the other MD's have human legs and boots with that too :P Who knows...

      She is VERY cute! And I am kinda hitting myself over that I can't get her x'D
      I am SO looking forward to pictures and stuff : D
    3. That's true Marha. Maybe I'm hoping she won't have extra parts so that she will be less expensive? Rofl! I have budgeted for the next MD girl, but not Alex. As a hobby I sell little sculptures...looks like I better kick it into high gear if I am going to try to squeeze Alex in. Lol!
    4. It really depends, Soom may be looking to expand their market and they are at a comic convention, so they may have tailored her to that audience a little. So they have the boys for the fantasy lot, and her for the super-hero-esque lot? :) I think she's lovely, so I will be in some degree of pain the next few days! :sweat

    5. Okay I really want her. Is she going to be available outside of NYCC too? I cant afford NYCC AND Alex at the same time.
    6. She will go on sale October 13th online and be on sale until October 28th!
      I'm so with you HLP!!!!
    7. I wish she was for sale a little longer x'D Like from 13th to the 5th or something like that :)
    8. Oh gosh. Someone please help my bank account. It's going to be suffering so terribly this winter. XD
    9. Wahouuu ! She is gorgeous ! I love it !

      "Please please Honey ! I need a gift *-*"
    10. Am I the only one who feels really bad for this gal? She's absolutely gorgeous! I love her sweet face and droopy ears.

      However, this is the second large doll Soom's released this month. And that's on top of their massive Pokesoom event that starts next week. I can't afford 3 dolls right now, so I have to drop Alex and Phonolus for the event. Which is sad. If she was offered a little later I'd so get her. It's times like these I really wish Soom would slow down their schedule.
    11. Any feelers on if she'll be a super? Or just a regular gem?

      Gosh her face is just screaming "Anchi, Buy me. You know you want to. I know you still have bills to pay and your girlfriends coming to visit in 2 weeks, but you should buy me anyway. Because I'm full of resin goodness and beauty, and you know you can't resist me."

      ...why, Soom? Why do you do this to me? Can't I have just... ONE MONTH of peace without debating whether or not to buy a beautiful doll from you? >.<
    12. Ahw :c Ostrich... I hope some people will like Alex better then a bronze heliot or chrom x'D
      I wonna see alot of Alexs on the forum :c

      AnchixDPx - I'm pretty sure that she is Super :P Look at her hand ^^ It's the new female supergem type :)
    13. I know what you mean Ostrich. Thankfully I am safe from the mix and match event. I'm sad to miss out on Phonolus though :(
      According to the original NYCC notice, she is "SGF", so I am pretty sure she is a super gem. Just my opinion. I love her hand...so elegant!
    14. GAH! I have no money :'( I want he so bad!
    15. HarleyQuinBJD: You are not alone....
      She looks like something I must have some way or another...
    16. I agree so much. It is very, very frustrating sometimes. That they're all the larger dolls, too... *whimper* (And poor Albany, too!)

      I have a sinking feeling she might beat out Phonolus for me. As beautiful as he is... the elfy warrior girl is winning me over very quickly. (It doesn't hurt that she's probably the less expensive option between the two.)
    17. She's stunning, I wasn't thinking hero at all when I saw the teaser photo, but now being reminded of it and her being the special doll at the comic event, she reminds me of Deedlit from Record of Lodoss War. I can't wait to see her outfit and if she will have any extras.
    18. I wonder if her outfit will be sold separately, since she is listed in the Special order....
    19. I LOVE this doll. I rarely fall immediately in love with Soom's sculpts (with the exception of Cuprit) but she is so lovely--like Ivory combined with Amber. And those EARS! And warrior!? Agghh, this is the "Let's make Anneke broke" doll...