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Soom Aloha and Sob

Apr 29, 2011

    1. Wow, he's simply adorable and is looking green to me. While I'm not a centaur fan, I think I might be having to have a lil human and maybe make him a fairy to go with my Leeke fairy lol

      Are they meant to be in the MD line or Remaining Story because it seems odd for them to be placed in the Special Order section. Hmm...
    2. I'm not sure about the doll, (I really wasn't a fan of their stubby-centaur bodies) his face is cute, but I love the outfit! :aheartbea he does look green... I hope it's just a clever combination of lighting and blushing! (I can't afford any more dolls!)

      But an MSD Centaur... that would be different!
    3. I'm loving the outfit and the horse fact, but I was hoping for something big and impressive, thats 3 cute releases in a row now :<. I don't really do cute alll that much.

      In fact, Amphibel wasn't that spectacular either.
    4. wah this little guys so cute *O* <3 i cant wait to see more photos >u< <333
    5. It looks weird that they are in the special offer... maybe they are the new MD and Soom just put them in the wrong place? Special Order used to be past MD dolls that are released in the human form...
    6. Its a Friday, they probably mis-placed it xD
    7. It would make a lot more sense if they were the next Remaining Story dolls because we are due them next.
    8. Wait, isn't he MSD?
    9. He doesn't look MSD sized to me ... think i might have to stare at the picture again lol
    10. He doesn't look MSD to me either. But if he is then I'm definitely Soomed! Those ears! *flails about helplessly* I also think he's WS with some greenish blushing.

      And yes, I think Soom just put his sales page in the wrong place. They've done it before.

    11. Same, but I would only want the body xD. The head is...just too cute for me.
    12. Why now,????My Lami is still in layaway!!!
      T.T i cant resist on MSD`s
      He is certanly adorable and cute!.:D And it looks MSD ( at least for me) just a bit confused about the SPECIAL ORDER thingy. *_*
    13. oh god I don't care much for centaur bodies but I think need that head. It reminds me a lot of Pyrol/Minette, and I think I might have to sell my Minette to replace her with this mold instead! Elf ears and open eyes, my only weakness! xD

      This is all assuming he's a tiny, and that he's white skin and not green ahah
    14. His proportions look msd sized to me. and think about it? do you really think theyd release more tiny centaurs?? his neck is long and slender and he hasnt got the chibi bobble head of a tiny xD maybe i'm wrong but this guy seems like an msd to me, and i think tis more likely for them to release one. also look at his arm lenght then compare it to pyrols arm length? much longer no?
      I cant wait to see the slender centaur body <3 i think i will be soomed.
    15. Well if he is an MSD I am totally safe. But that would be a pity too, since his face is my favourite from all the MD... (maybe just Hati would beat him!) I can't wait for the pictures and size confirmation... Ah, and I want him to be green please *_*

      I think he is not MSD. All the MSD releases have had the same hands, more clenched... And this little thing hands remind me more the new hands for teenie gem (the left one is more spread)


      Also in my opinion the neck is too short for a MSD? And teh centaur tight seems a lot to Pyrol and Minette... If I were soom I would release a centaur again to amortize the costs. But maybe It is just that I see what I want o see... Deruka has a good point too!
    16. Could be they are trying something new of course!

      I guess we will have to wait and see xD
    17. yeah ah crap you guys are right, im looking again and now i can see the joint in his SHORT arms. damn you soom, you suck. the leaf in the way threw me and made me unable to notice the joint somehow xD i am not amused. fine i'm not soomed.
    18. Well nothing is settled yet, it is really dificult to tell from the shot so I think there is teh chance they are MSD. I gues we will have to wait till... monday? next week? how many time takes soom to update?
    19. Well, if he is tiny, count me out. I'd rather a Pyrol xD