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Soom - AMAZING Alice in Labyrinth Editon

Dec 11, 2006

    1. That or they haven't actually gone on sale yet? :sweat
    2. Omg *____* those costumes are amazing.
    3. I do think it's because they're not on sale yet. And I hope as much too, because that Kanoa is gorgeous!
    4. I want Godo's outfit!! D:
    5. I.am.so.in.love.with.the.outfits~~~~~~~~~~~~
    6. I have to have an Aren-Alice in the labyrinth! Does anybody know when they go on slae or if they -sob- really are sold out?
    7. Too bad they have no Gena in Labrinth edition I would have ordered it today.
    8. i really the Godo. If they keep them *so i can save up* i'm so going to get him.
    9. i dont think they have gone on sale yet. because they were sold out right when they were posted on the site.
    10. Oh! They are so beautiful! And the outfit are all gorgeous! :D I love SOOM!
    11. Oh I wish I had the money right now! :(
    12. But it doesn't even tell you when it'll be on sale. Just one of each? Or what? :sweat
    13. are they actually limited? i don't see it written anywhere that they are and they're not in the limited section.... i am seriously in love with that white rabbit.
    14. Aren's setup is GENIUS XD Those cards.. it's just so cool!
    15. According to Hanna of SOOM, they are not limited edition.
    16. I thought as much...which is nice...since I'll have to save up...I think I like that mad hatter...though they all look lovely! Bah! darn so many cool dolls too little money
    17. :O
      I'm gonna have to kill someone and steel that Mad Hatter outfit someday, just so you all know.
      On a side note: Much Lolz at the Alice's, to me they both look like they belong in an Adult video storeXDD
    18. I like the Mad Hatter outfit too. I hope they make the outfit available separately.
    19. the cool thing about soom is they let you have layway option above 300^^. on the left hand side near the bottom of the fromt page theres a layaway option button info. Clover is really helpful, answers fast and i think her english is rather good.^^ yeah i think the soom company is great in terms of dolls and service, and they provide free shipping above 500.
      the outfits are really cool, and i am eyeing aren myself, tho i promise my significant other that im not making plans until i get him that kurt.
      man, all these cool dolls are launching simultaneously making my wallet weep ><. Godo, Godo. so beautiful. aigh*. the chess set is nice, and if only they include the set of cards with GODO XD