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Soom August Monthly Doll: Obsidius Discussion Thread!

Aug 3, 2011

    1. Hes not as buff and masculine as i had hoped he would be :'( i have to see more pics of him.
    2. oh dear. i like him more than any other recent monthly. <3 he is beautiful!!
    3. I need those wings in my life..
    4. I agree, I was kinda hoping that the angel guy would be a Mega Gem, or somehow more buff. I mean... "warfare" just doesn't ring as dainty to me. I'm actually sort of surprised that so far they've only released Super Gem males... I like the look of MG's better, especially in clothes.

      However, I love his face very, very much. Also love whatever I can see of that sword - here's to hoping it's something like the swords from Claymore the manga.
    5. He's handsome but doesn't look much like a "kick your arse" warrior. Maybe more pics will change my mind
    6. You read my mind..
    7. Is it just me.. or is anyone else reminded of He-Man and She-Ra when they see that sword... ? Or am I showing my age? :sweat
    8. Omg, so many beautiful in a row. I love the face, clothes, sword and wings so much. Hope to see more photos soon. He looks like an innocent angel than a warrior ^^.

      Don't even know how I can buy three Soom MD at once. Too many beautiful dolls and all at once. I hope they release the doll a bit slowly T___T.
    9. OMG< your right...:o
    10. *lol* okay.. so it's not just me :sweat
    11. Crazy idea... Mixing and matching this set of clothes/wings with the Iplehouse Claude Knight armor and clothes. Oh yeah!

      Other than that, I just don't feel drawn to the face. But unfortunately, I note that many don't really appeal to me until people start putting on their own faceups. I really don't like SOOM's faceups!
    12. He's pretty but I'm more interested in his clothes and eyes.
    13. I wonder if that sword will actually come with him? It looks drawn in!
    14. I have not been soomed thank the angels (pun intended). I already have 3 sooms on the way I couldn't even remotely afford another. I will keep an eye out for the rest of his pictures though. The lips bother me the most they look a bit too... big...

      I agree with this only more on the clothes. If only my Zinc could fit them then everything would be good.
    15. hes so beautiful makes wish i waited and got him...ugh wish i could see the future lol
    16. Uuuuuuuuuuuuuugh, so cute. ;_; Can't wait to see the rest of that outfit.

      And yes his sword does look like He-Man's and She-Ra's!
    17. *lmao* I've started something now.. Maybe soom needs to photoshop an anthro cat in there ;) good old Battle Cat
    18. He certainly is a pretty one! From their story Obsidius struck me as a badass warrior and I expected him to be a Mega Gem, but I definitely like him and will probably try to get him.

      I do wonder about the wings, though. I have been anticipating a boy with big resin wings. Amphibel's are beautiful and I was hoping for a guy with wings like hers. I hope his are not attatched like Heliot's... those are a spectacular pain to deal with!
    19. ...Am I the only one who finds his name slightly ironic? I mean, Obsidious is an obvious reference to obsidian... which is a very, very black rock. And he's looking very, very light to me. (actual pics could prove me wrong, however...) O.o
      I do enjoy the fact that his sword looks remarkably like He-Man/She-Ra's though. :whee: I love that people have already pointed this out. Lol!