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Soom Basic Gems Aikin and Mirabil Discussion

Feb 10, 2011

    1. They've been out since December of 2010 I believe and I didn't see a page for them (but if I missed it, my apologies)--is there any love for these two new Soom dolls? I find myself going back to look at Mirabil's page all the time. I think she is adorable and adorably gloomy looking.

      Link to Aikin.

      Link to Mirabil.
    2. Mirabil reminds me of Dillui , very sweet yet a hint of sadness in her face. ^__^
    3. Rayearth, I can see that. Maybe Soom wanted to update their Gems with sculpts more keeping with their current esthetics. For me, I see a juvenile MD Onyx in Mirabil.

      I just wanna hug her sadness away!
    4. Mirabil is lovely, but more than that, I love her clothes. Are they even available on the website? ._.
    5. I don't think so. Haven't seen them anywhere!
    6. Mirabil is very cute, but I agree she does have that Soom gloominess that I find puts me off even their prettiest sculpts :( I'm really interested in the outfit aswell, I was completely sure they'd release them as biweeklies around the time of release but it never happened. Everything seems to turn up in some form eventually though, like the boots in the MG biweekly turning out to be Hyperon's etc.
    7. Oh wow, so Soom is continuing their 60cm Gem line? I thought they had nearly axed it. I always liked the Gems best of all their dolls. Mirabil is very pretty.
    8. Has anyone ordered either Aikin or Mirabil? I think they need to readjust their prices to ensure the continued success of their line. It's a shame, because the new sculpts are very pretty.
    9. I love Aikin, because he seems to have a lot of elements of the limited Soom sculpts I like without being a limited doll. I'd like to get him someday and make him an Egyptian character. I hope more people buy them, it would be nice to see Soom coming out with more basic dolls after years of concentrating on limiteds.
    10. My sentiments exactly. It's about time they beefed up their standard lines. :)
    11. I've absolutely fallen in love with Aikin. He might just be the next doll that I buy.
    12. I've searched all over the forum and there does not seem to be an Aikin or Mirabil in existence here....:( Hopefully, there will be soon as I just ordered my gal today!
      I love the fact that she is slightly gloomy looking without coming across as sulky! :)
    13. She seems a little fearful and shy, or cautious of the viewer. I'd love to see someone own one of these two beauties!
    14. I just made the final payment on Mirabil yesterday so I hope she will be home soon! I've never ordered a standard doll from Soom before so don't know if she will ship quicker than say the MD's...apart from the face up, I can't imagine waiting 2-3 months for delivery.

      Anyway, I can't wait to start posting pictures of her! :)

      I'm entirely too excited! I've been waiting for SOMEONE to buy one of these guys so I can look at them! Good news indeed! SPAM, as much as you can! When she gets here!
    16. Oh yes, I will most definately! Before I placed my order, I couldn't find even one owner pic of her either here or somewhere like Flickr...I think she deserves some love >_<
    17. I completely agree! Now to convince someone to buy an Aikin, since he is like a Soom Namu version two! And I just love Namu! :aheartbea

      Please let me know when your girl gets here! I'm super excited for you!!!
    18. Thanks so much Splynterhayde! :whee:

      I do think Aikin is a handsome boy and I really am suprised we haven't seen either yet...guess the MD's must kinda get in the way sometimes. Love to the Namu too! :D
    19. I think that's exactly it. Especially since most people can get the human version of the MD in a split for the same price, and the saying these days mostly seems to be 'bigger is better'. It's why I'm hoping they release some Gem MDs, soon. I'd love to see them.

      And yes, <3 to Namu. He's still one of my very favourites!
    20. Mirabil somehow reminds me of a young saiph