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Soom Basic Super Gem - Rhodo & Ivory

Jul 21, 2010

    1. I didn't find any discussion thread for Rhodo and Ivory, so I decided to start one. I really hope that's ok. :)

      News thread for Rhodo & Ivory: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?385927-Soom-new-basic-Supergem-Rhodo-and-Ivory


      I personally like both very much, especially Ivory. I've been waiting for Soom to make new sweet girls, and it's great to see them making new basic dolls and not just the MDs or the other limited editions.
      Rhodo is handsome too, but I'm still not sure wether I like his mouth or not! XD I'm very fond of his eyes though. And Ivory's BC outfit is so adorable! :3

      (I actually ordered Ivory a while ago... she's the mould I've been looking for one of my characters. Anyone with me? XD)
    2. I really like Ivory, too - and her BC outfit. A really cute girl, nice to see from Soom :).
    3. They're both stunning! Haha, I think Rhodo's face from the front looks like what would happen if Heliot and Beryl had a kid together XD From the side he looks like Chrom. And Ivory is possibly my favorite girl from them ever, she's sweet without being absent-looking and she seems to have different moods in the various angle shots.

      So glad to see them release some new basics finally. Let's hope these guys aren't temporary additions like Covell or Charel (or however you spell it; the Super Gem boy who looked like Olivine...)
    4. Of the two, I prefer Ivory; I have to agree with evilhamster13 that they managed to achieve sweet without looking vacant pretty well there.

      With no offense intended to those who adore her, she still isn't a sculpt I would likely ever consider buying, as she's too much like what I see almost everywhere else. He's more distinctive, but not up my alley. The level of sculpt detail and expressiveness I've come to expect from Soom is something I am not seeing here; the faces look very simplistic to me as compared to the MA and original SG heads. Both have a sharpness around the lips that I can't say I care for. The lip shape is something so many of the earlier sculpts were remarkable for in terms of delicacy and detail, and looking at the mouth sculpt on Corvi, Lupin, or Dia would show the contrast between the old and the new fairly well and demonstrate what I'm talking about, I'd hope. It's in that sort of detail I'd so often seen the 'life' in Soom's sculpts I've heard so often mentioned. I'm really hoping they aren't a thing of the past.
    5. One thing I'm kind of wondering, I though somewhere on Soom's site they had said that all female Super Gems would be made with the new busty Breccia body. Even the Super Gem female clothes are being sent out to fit this new bust. But then Coquina was done with the regular bust and it looks like Ivory is too. I wonder if they got some feedback on Breccia's body and decided to stick with the old version??
    6. I think I am doomed into getting the Ivory. She is so cute. She is one of my favorite girl dolls that has been released. I think that she would be perfect for her.
    7. I'm glad that soom decided to make newer dolls that weren't monthlies, since I like to wait and see owner pics before buying. They're both pretty cute molds, but i like rhodo a bit better because of his expression. Ivory just seems like a plain face.
    8. Ivory looks like a younger sister to the saiph mold no?
    9. I think they are really pretty and I am so~ happy to see more basics!! More chances for me to get one in the future > w<

      I cannot wait to see what those who will buy them will do =D
    10. Ivory would be wonderful for my main character, but for first time ever the doll's body is what's stopping me from getting her. I adore the Supergem female body, but my girl isn't a super tall, super curvy girl. I actually want to have some contrast between her and my Beryl. So as much as I love Ivory, she's not coming home. Unless Soom comes up with an immature body or I find a match for the head with another companies' body.
    11. I really really want ivory..... i will now start saving..... maybe ivory will be may first BJD.......... btw guys does the wig included when u order her???? or separate??????? i cannot find it on the wig section of soom...
    12. Magna << Wouldn't the SG head fit on the Gem ? I'm sure there are some good hybrids out there ^__^

      Bryan << They come with absolutely nothing except a pair of eyes if I remember well.
      It is written at the bottom of her page ;3
    13. hmmm, for some reasons I didn't even think about the Gem bodies xD I'll have to look into that :)
    14. I love Ivory, she's much less manly than the other Soom female sculpts. I adore my brand new Beryl, but the first thing I thought when I saw her blank face was "drag queen!" :sweat Does anybody know which wig Ivory's wearing in her promo pics? I looked through the SG wig pages but didn't see one that looked the same.
    15. Ivory's adorable. Rhodo's entirely not my cup of tea though.. Can't deal with the perma-frown.
    16. I really like Rhodo. I think that with a talented face-up artist he could look a lot like Beryl. They have the same general look, Rhodo is just a little more 'square,' but even that may just be his face-up. I wonder if Soom would sell him in CW? I don't like NS.
    17. The Super Gem girl head has a much larger neck opening and will be way to big for the Gem girl body without serious modding. Even then SG girl heads can vary a lot in size so maybe wait for some owner pics next to other dolls before you decide what body to use.

      Soom said they are only using special colors like CW on specific limited monthly dolls and will no longer be offering it on basic dolls of any size. Not even for their limited Mecha Angel releases.

      But this is Soom and maybe they'll change their mind eventually. Never say never.
    18. I agree. There is something amiss about the mouths. I miss the delicacy and detailing of the mouth sculpts that earlier sculpts had. As a result, a lot of the newer sculpts I've seen from SOOM aren't on my wishlist. It's unfortunate because I do like Ivory's eyes and nose. :)
    19. Love Ivory. Rhodo...No. His face isn't finished. I wouldn't want to have that grump sitting in the corner looking down his nose at my other dolls.