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Soom Bi-Weekly Clothes

Dec 21, 2009

    1. Have you guys seen this??

      Hello, everyone~☆

      Thank you so much for visiting our SoOm shopping mall.

      We are always thanks for your deep interesting and deep love in our dolls and products.

      Therefore, we newly release the special Dec BC (Biweekly Clothes).

      Dec. 2009 BC (Biweekly Clothes) which we are introducing is Pre-order products; the order will be accepted in 15 business days only.

      * Ordering period: from Dec.17th.to Dec.31st. 2009 (in Korean time)

      * Availability: It takes 30~40 business days to process before shipping.

      * This period could be closed earlier then noticed time.

      (We are planning to produce these items are very limited in quantity, so please understand if the items closed before you are able to purchase them.)

      Please check our following detail.

      SFC1003 - $65.00
      SFC1005 - $95.00
      SMC1005 - $95.00
      TUC1035 - $45.00

      Thank you so much for your attention,

      Please enjoy our new items.


    2. New clothing has been released! Ordering period: Jan 18-Jan 30 (in Korean time)