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SOOM Body Sale

Aug 30, 2011

    1. Just saw this on Soom's site:

      Hello everybody~☆
      We are about to release a Super Gem, Little Gem and Super Gem bodies sale.
      The event schedule is as following : from August the 31st to September 16th 2011.

      Here is a list of the skin colours available :
      - Teenie Gem => Normal Skin, Cream White, Baby Pink, Snow Blue, Gray, Brick Red
      - Little Gem => Normal Skin, Cream White, Bronze
      - Super Gem => Normal Skin, Cream White, Gray
      - Super Gem Parts :
      -- Heel parts (for female dolls) => Normal Skin, Cream White
      -- Jointed Hands (male and female versions) => Normal Skin, Cream White

      Thank you for your attention ! ^-^


      Good news for anyone wanting Soom bodies!
    2. Does anybody know if soom offers layaway during these body sales too...? ( If ordered beyound the layaway amount, of course)
    3. I believe they do. They have offered it for most things other than some Xmas kits and MD Post-Event special sales.
    4. Do we know if the bodies and hands are limited in numbers? And not just in sales period? :)
    5. I'm pretty sure it's a sales period, so the quantity is not limited. ( If I remember correctly from last year) : D
    6. do they ever sell Jem body parts like a kind of like a black friday deal?
    7. Will they ever release jointed hands in Gray and tan skin as well for their other dolls?
    8. They have Q&A board on their own. Why don't you ask straight from them?