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Soom Boy - Name Him Contest! (Winning name - Kanoa!)

Sep 27, 2006

    1. holy cow, he's precious!
    2. Oh my goodness, he's so beautiful. Wahhh. *reeeaches for him* So many new boy dolls coming out. NOT ENOUGH MONEY.
    3. There's a naming contest going on from the "27th Sep. to 3rd Oct."

      details are on the front page of the soom site. :D
    4. He's completly diff from the other Soom dolls.

      He's really cute! XD
    5. What a cutie. And so REBELLIOUS with his little paper airplane xD
    6. He's lovely! I entered the naming contest ^^;
    7. How in the world do you post an entry to the contest? *flails* Do you enter it in their normal Q&A? :o

      Edit: Nevermind... for some reason, the "write" button wasn't showing up. But it is now! *enters*
    8. Meep, I entered! He sure is CUTE!
    9. Is there any database or thread that lets you search for BJD by name? I have a couple ideas, but I don't want to accidently suggest one that's already taken.
    10. you can find the name of the company dolls from gigglegeek.dk but that site hasn't been updated in a while either
    11. He's got such a cute face :D I can think of a dozen of good names for him but I'm not entering the contest XDD He's too big for me.

    12. You can try the Atziluth database, it's pretty extensive already. :)

    13. Hmmm is it just me or is the write button no longer there......It's not where it is on the normal board. I wanna enter! :(
    14. Wow! He's so cute! (And he comes with the option to BUY HIS STUNNINGLY NORMAL AND VERY INDIECUTE OUTFIT!) I love him! I've been looking for an excuse to get a Soom boy, and he's it. <3 <3 I'm in love. When he comes out...!

      I totally entered the contest, too! <3
    15. He's so cute. I enterd the contest, but if I don't win i'll probably buy him anyway.
    16. *edit* ok i found it heh

      uh ... is it just me... or am i having a hard time trying to enter?
    17. i might have to enter this too!
    18. He's definately a cutie. I had to enter the naming contest. I'm rather proud of my entry. ^^ Between this contest and the Latidoll Adel drawing some lucky owners are going to be veeerry happy in the coming month! :D
    19. I think his headmold is absolutely fantastic. I'm in, for sure.
    20. Aww, he's a sweetheart. I entered the contest. i wonder if they'd be more inclined to choose a Korean name or a more western name.