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Soom Bygg Hybrids

Aug 22, 2009

    1. Hey guys :) I hope this is okay to start a new thread for, since I think it'd get mixed in with the normal Bygg/Beyla thread.

      I have a question to those of you who are going in on Bygg splits or planning on buying extra Bygg parts;; (mainly one of the heads) what body are you planning to put these parts on? Obviously, the resin isn't going to match any of the typical Tiny bodies, since Volks, fairyland, ect doesn't offer greyskin resin. So, what are you guys going to do?

      I'm just insanely curious, so if you answer, thank you :lol:
    2. I'm not ordering Bygg parts, but there have actually been a few grey dolls released in that size range- Bambicrony and Lady Saiyuki and I think Resin Soul has a doll in a similar size? I suppose people may also dye a white skin body or hope that more grey tinies are released.
    3. I'm told that the Soom GREY resin color will match Bobobie/ResinSoul/LadySaiyuki grey.

      Don't hold me to that tho, as i've never actually seen it in person for myself.

      ...as for the white... I can tell you that volks white resin color doesn't match, BUT the hoove parts will FIT on volks yo-dolls (with some creative blushing the resin color mis-match could be covered up).
    4. I have seen a Euclase on another grey body, I believe, but don't quote me, it was resinsoul. The resin match wasn't flawless, but it was amazingly close for a coloured resin from two different companies. I had to look a while to see the difference. So if resinsoul has a body in the right range, I believe they do, that's probably your best match short of buying a full Bygg.
    5. Aren't the resinsoul bodies a totally different proportion though? They're tall and skinny, and soom bodies are short and pudgy. You'd probably have a pretty bobblheaded doll XD;

      Don't hold me to that, since I've never seen the two together, but I'm pretty sure.
    6. I don't know if it would be bobble head though as obviously the head on the body with hooves will make the standard doll taller.

      This is my Euclase on resinsoul body:


    7. do you know if soom's cream white will match Fairyland's white skin?
    8. I asked a friend of mine who has a BBB tiny and a DZ tiny about resinsoul proportions, and I really doubt it would work, even if the resin match is workable. The resinsoul tiny body is as thin as a barbie, so the hybrid would be really bobbleheaded.

      I'm not sure about FL matches, sorry :(
    9. Given that the head size is the same, and that Resinsoul's body sculpts are all very slender and dainty, it would make sense to hybridize the teenie gem head onto resinsoul's mini sized bodies-- it would be aesthetically similar to some of the DIM minis with a mature body but a baby face.
    10. Sorry to ask but would your friend be able to provide a picture? I've been wondering about this myself, very tempted to join a Bygg order to buy a head but there doesn't seem to be any other choice but to dye a body to match.

      also I can guess the answer but seeing as the necksize for a Teeny gem is 6cm and bobobie tiny is 5cm, there isn't a real chance of it fitting is there?
    11. I found a good one on the tiny comparison thread;


      I think that pretty much says it all XD; The proportions are totally off. I'm thinking I'll buy a dollzone BB body or something and airbrush it to match, and use the teenie gem human legs and hands.
    12. I was actually going to treat the head like a puki faceplate.. >.>
      Now I hear options and I like it. :o

      I asked in the BJDpedia section when they released Eliv and Iv because I got their head. I remember in one thread where they did a swap for Glot/Glati and a LTF looked like they'd match pretty good. If I find the link I'll post it here.
    13. It's almost a perfect match! There's a few resin comparison shots here.
    14. Hmm yeah you might be right. I've had little success with airbrushing but mostly because of the joints wearing the paint away, so that might be an OK solution :)
    15. o.o thanks for the link... seriously way off. I had consider getting an AoD BB body and just modding the neck but it looks like all or nothing is best for the grey head... I might have to skip on Bygg then.
    16. Yeah, I know that unfortunately airbrushing will chip :( But, I'm nervous that I'll mess up the dyeing/get the wrong color/get it splotchy. At least with airbrushing, it will probably look smoother and it's removable incase I want to sell the body one day.

      That's even if I need to get a body for the human parts XD; I won't know until it gets here. But yuki, thanks for bringing up the AoD body, I'll have to look into that!
    17. I think LadySaiyuki's chibi ted body would be perfect for a Bygg. I am thinking of trying to get on for my open eyed Bygg head.
    18. I was thinking about a LS body, since they're cast in the same grey as RS and it matches pretty well :) Is she still selling them? I have no idea where to look :sweat
    19. has anyone pmed Lady Saiyuki about the body? and does anyone have the measurements?
    20. I´m propably getting a Bygg head, too and plan to buy a white skin DZ BB body and somehow blush it heavily with pastell chalk. I´m not really bothered by the colour difference since my dolls always wear layers and layers of clothing anyway. But the body will get some heavy grey blushing and maybe it won´t look THAT bad.