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Update SOOM China Website Opening

May 2, 2011

    1. Announce of 'SOOM CHINA SITE' opening

      Good afternoon,
      We are always thankful for giving us your deep love and all your support.

      We have recently introduced CHINA shopping system which is possible to make a payment with RMB for all the customers who live in Mainland China and others Asian countries.
      You can enter the 'SOOM CHINA SITE' through the INTRO page at [COLOR="royalblue"]www.dollsoom.com[/COLOR] from May the 2nd 2011.


      1. Payment with RMB
      The basic configuration, commodity configuration and notation language of 'SOOM CHINA SITE' newly opened is same as the existing 'SOOM ENG SITE'
      But the price will be written in RMB (元) and you can make a payment with RMB only in this shopping mall.
      Payment possible with foreign issued credit cards (issued outside of China and Macau), wire transfer and Alipay.
      It is not possible to make payments with Paypal on the CHINA site. ​

      2. Q&A board in Chinese
      The customer service provided a bulletin board inquiry a reply is possible in Chinese. ​

      3. Use and membership procedure
      If you want to be a member of 'SOOM CHINA SITE', you shall newly join in 'Sign Up' page.

      The customer who were members of 'SOOM ENG SITE' have to re-register and can use same ID as you had when you newly register the member of 'SOOM CHINA SITE'. ​

      We hope that these system improvements will make your shopping more convenient.^^

      We SOOM promise to provide you the best service for your satisfaction.

      Thank you.