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Soom Christmas Kit Special!!

Nov 21, 2007

    1. "Hi ~

      We are pleased to let you know a good news.
      This year we will give you a chance to buy the X-mas Kits of Gem, Teenie gem and Mini gem.
      We hope this event will be a good Christmas gift to you or to your friends.
      Please enjoy and take this good chance.

      * Ordering period : from Nov.21st to Dec.5th 2007 (in korean time).

      * Shipping period :

      * X-mas Kits[Gem, Teenie Gem and Mini gem]
      ---> There is unassembled doll kit only.

      1. Gem X-mas Kit ($390)
      2. Teenie Gem X-mas Kit ($239)
      3. Mini Gem X-mas Kit ($218 )

      sOom "


      I already looked at the Gem (girl and boy) sections, they only let you choose certain dolls, but you can pick their skin colors (either normal or white). Oh, and they include random Soom eyes, the S hooks you need (a big one and 4 small ones for hands and feet), and "tention" (the elastic strings I assume) with the kits. Wigs and outfits are not included.

      Wow I'm dumb...I just realized that I was wrong orginially, ALL of the Gems are included in this "kit" sale...^^;; For whatever reason I thought they have more dolls than they really do...sorry!

      I'm SO excited!! I can finally get a Romantic Dimo in creme white!! :D <333333
    2. I've asked if layaway is okay for kits again this year. I'll update when they answer.
    3. What I don't get is why they have an estimate for EMS shipping cost there like this (for the Gem boy kit):

      * EMS fee info.

      X-mas Gem kit : 1900g

      U.S.A. $38.4

      Europe(Zone 3) $33.5

      Taiwan $19.7

      And when I did a mock order for ONE kit, it added $47 for EMS shipping to US O_o;;
    4. I just did a mock order for a Mini Gem, and it came out at $20 like it said on the website. However, there's also an option for EMS Premium... Does anyone know what this is, and what the difference to normal EMS is? It was an extra ~$9.
    5. For the Gem girls, this is the estimated EMS prices Oô

      EMS fee info.

      X-mas Gem kit : 1900g

      U.S.A. $47.8

      Europe(Zone 3) $41.4

      Taiwan $22.4

      So they might have made a mistake...?
    6. Thanks, Angelakane!

      I just checked again and they have changed the info to the correct amount in the Gem boys' section ^^

    7. are the dolls sanded in kits?
    8. I bought one of the kits last year and the seams were not sanded.
    9. They make it very easy. When you order, you need to list the dates you plan to pay each month until the layaway is at an end. (For the example, I'm assuming the purchase is a Gem boy or girl kit including $47 s/h for a total of 437.) Divide the total by three and put something like this in the message window you get durring ordering.
      1st payment $146: today 11/datehere/07
      2nd payment $146: 12/datehere/07
      3rd payment $145: 01/datehere/08

      Then, pay as you indicate. You may make larger payments than you plan, but not smaller. Soom is really easy to work with, and their English is superb.
    10. I asked Soom about EMS Premium, with EMS Premium it takes 2-4 days to reach you once shipped while EMS takes 3-7 days.