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Soom Christmas Kits

Nov 20, 2006

    1. Oooooh boy, that sure is a tempting offer.

      They don't come with wigs, right? I'm just double-checking.
    2. Your right, no wigs are included sadly : (
    3. Also, there are limited edition Xmas eyes...

    4. Hmm... 390+50(shipping)+28(wig) = $468 against $500 of normal release with wig included and free shipping. $32 saved and need to assemble. Not much of a promotion, in my opinion ;)
    5. Hmmm... just noticed that shipping cost is the same for Gem and Mini Gem, while weight is 1900gr and 375gr... That just can't be right.
    6. Shipping for both Gem and MiniGem is $41.4 to the UK
    7. How tall are the Mini Gems?
    8. jerry- they are about barbie's size
    9. I think there was a mistake in Minigem's shipping fee info.
      Now it was corrected as follow:

      Mini gem(375g)
      -USA $22.0
      -Europe $20.0
      -Austailia $37.1
      -Japan $14.3
      -Hongkong $14.4

    10. if your order reaches $500, shipping fee is free.:roll:
      390(xmas kit)+28(wig)=$418
      why don't you buy a shoes or outfit with $82 to save the shipping fee.

    11. hm... How long does SOOM takes to Ship the doll?
    12. I asked them about that with regards to a blank Minigem kit and they said 'In 1 week if ordered at the beginning of the event'.
      It could be longer though, depending on how many orders Soom will get.
    13. ah... also.. i noticed that they said
      "* Default face up of Christmas Kit : choose from option"

      does that mean it's free? cuz i select it and they charge me $50.. >.>
    14. Soom uaually takes 7~10days to make blank doll and 3~5days to do the face up.The shipping of x-mas kit is gone well so far. Soom tring not to delay it.

    15. I'm afraid that there's been some kind of misunderstanding.
      Default face up is not included in X-mas kit.


    16. yeah... i guess so.. man.. confused me so much.. and omg.. i want Namu now......:...( I'm $300 short! noooooo
    17. I was wondering if layaway still applied on the X-mas Kit...
    18. The Q&A forum at Soom says...yes!

      "Thank you for your interest in our doll.
      Regarding your question, it is possible to get a layaway plan on special events such as the x-mas kit .

      If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at any time.^^

      kind regards,
    19. Night I add that the Christmas kits don't come with the doll boxes, they usually send them in a shipping box with bubble wrap all over it so it's not really worth without their papers and carrying boxes.