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Soom Doll changes - loss of value?

Jun 14, 2010

    1. I Recently wanted to add jointed hands to my male Soom doll and change out his eyes from the ones he came with.......Is it better that he remain as he was when first purchased from Soom?.....do I actually devalue the doll by making these changes?
    2. Is he a regular or MD? Jointed hands in general will add value, as they're expensive...

      Does this really matter though, unless you're planning on immediately reselling him afterwards? Enjoy the doll... don't just think of resale value...
    3. Honestly, the addition of jointed hands could increase his value, and changing the eyes is done by everyone. The only way you'd end up devaluing it is if it was a limited-edition eye you were changing out in a limited-edition doll, and even then it would be negligible. People do it all the time. You'll see the parts on the Marketplace once you have access and see that just about anything is done to just about every doll, and they pretty much retain the value the market will bear.

      The whole point of the hobby is customization. You won't be doing anything to your resale value by customizing it that way.
    4. If you're worried about his resale value you can always hold onto his default hands and eyes so that he's got everything if you ever do sell him (if he's a MD with fantasy hands and limited eyes- jointed hands would probably up the resale value of a standard, and eyes on standards are random anyway). Changing the eyes or hands are things a lot of BJD owners do, and you can easily change them back again if you don't sell them. :)
    5. As everyone else has said so far, it's really up to you and how you feel about the doll. If you bought it because you really wanted it, then I'd go ahead with the jointed hands and whatever else you wanted to accessorize it with. These dolls are made to be customized after all, and it's just no fun to leave them exactly as they came to you without giving them some character.

      On the other hand, if you were already planning on reselling the doll, then you could go ahead with buying the extra hands and eyes for him, but keep the things he came with so when the time to resell him rolls around, you may actually get a bit more for the extra little bells and whistles.