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Soom - Doll Restock

Aug 20, 2004

    1. This thread is for posting Soom's doll restocks. Please post the item's name, size, price, and color. If possible, please also provide a direct link to the item.

      Please ONLY post updates to this information, rather than chat or discussion. For the News Forum posting rules, click here.
    2. "the world of peace" series are not limited and, as you can see in soom site,
      including face-up, eyes, military outfits, shoes and wig.
      Right now, you can order them, anytime....it takes about 10-15 days until you receive since you ordered because they are completed by order base.
      thank you!

    3. the size of carrier is 32(L)*13(w)*9(H)...can carry Uyoo with cushion conveniently.

    4. Thank you so much for get interested in Uyoo!
      As you expected, Soom is preparing some different heads style and will show you them in near future with hands parts ..
      please keep an eye out for Uyoo in the future~

    5. Hi, Yes, You can buy the carrier from end of next week^^
    6. of course we think of Mini Gem, a boy
      Nowdays they are busy to show Uyoo's other type of hands and different type of heads itc...
      I will let you know as soon as we had a plan to do it!

    7. Neffy, the carrier is a free gift to you during the 3rd ordering period, so when you order Uyoo, there's no extra cost to you for the carrier this period. And the "pillow" is a lovely, plush cushion that protects your doll during shipping, so it's a pretty essential element included with your order.

      I think you'll find that most BJD companies automatically include "pillows" or "cushions" as a standard part of the package when you order a BJD, because not only is it a soft and pretty "bed" for your doll, it's also a protective measure so the doll doesn't get jostled and possibly damaged during shipment.

      Soom has fashioned a beautiful "pillow" for Uyoo, complete with attached gold ribbons to secure her, so I'm sure you'll be happy to have it, especially if you plan on making your Uyoo portable--the pillow comes in really handy for transporting her, and I'm sure it will fit very nicely in the carrier too!

    8. I've heard that Soom does this if you ask. It shouldn't be a problem.
    9. Neffy, my Uyoo came with a 10$ value written on the custom label on box, so no trouble!
      Gayle, I had asked about a Mini Gem boy and kids on Soom's board, and they answered me that the boy should arrive around March, and that they are actually planning to make kids ! (I couln't believe it, they'll be so tiny !)

    10. Hi, Neffy
      The pillow is necessary to prevent Uyoo from being broken or any other damages during delivery..
      the carrier does also same function...but first of all, these are just gifts
      that Soom presents for the customer to buy Uyoo...as Lia announced.
      As you know, soom prepared the carrier as a special gift at this 3rd order.
      If you do not need the carrier, they can exchange the carrier as a black paper gift box as like the 1st order.
      Face-up order is an option. If you want Uyoo's face-up as a standard type,
      you pay additional $20 and as a special custom type, additional $50...
      I wish my explanation could be helpful for your understanding.
      Any other questions could be sent by e-mail : soom@dollsoom.co.kr
    11. Hi everyone,

      3rd order for Uyoo is proceed until coming sunday, jan 15th.

    12. Hi, Niomi
      Aren's body is same as Uyoo's ...thanks
    13. They don't post this in the main body of the site, but the notice has been added to the UFK sale listing. The resin will, proactively to orders since the start of the UFK sale, be the new darker color.
    14. They do have pictures of the new reson color. Comparison pics of the new and old resin are on the UFK sale page.
      They do have pictures of the large bust body. It's pictures nude under "parts" then "large bust girl". It is shown clothed on all the (current) normal stock shots for Dillui, Gena, and Kyrie.
      As for new white skin, that's just conjecture. We're hoping they make one, but they don't say anything in their pages to suggest it.
    15. is there is a new body form larger breasts by a little then the mature body that came out awhile ago. i deleted the email so i hate to say anything in stone. but i think they did a new look to the breasts.

      yeah i thought about it and looked at the dots of color they showed and it didn't seem so big a deal so i got kyrie, with the awesome face up and some eyes!!!
    16. CP and Soom girls have very different body types.

      CP has a joint at the waist. Soom girls don't.

      I have the old small bust body. Huge difference in chest size, and the way the body is sculpted, what muscles are given slopes, etc.

      Soom girls are taller than CP girls, and Soom girls have slimmer thighs. Also, Soom girls have slightly more delicate hands. Slimmer fingers, but only slightly.