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SOOM English site is open

Apr 12, 2005

    1. www.dollsoom.com
      What do you think of the Gem- DILLUI,DIMO and New silicone eyes-red series???
      :D Anyway you can read English.
    2. XD That animated picture of someone squishing an eyeball is making me laugh :lol: I love some of the clothes they have, let alone the eyes ^^ Thanks for the link!
    3. ~wants Dillui bad~
    4. Thanks very much for the link.

      I just managed to grab one of the black gothic men's outfits before they sold out.

    5. Oh wow ! those eyes ..wish they did them in 8mm for my tinys ! :D
    6. Holy crap! I want some of them EYES!
    7. I contemplated Dillui when I first saw her, but I just can't commit. I'd love to see owner pics, so hopefully you get her, and I can drool. :lol:
    8. I think Dimo's going to be my first doll. There's something about his turned up little nose and the expression on his face. I'd really LOVE to see owner pictures before committing, but so far, that's the face that tugs on my heart strings the most.

    9. Dimo is cute! I agree with muu, I like his nose. ^^ And the Dark Angel outfit is so cool! Maybe in a few months when I look to buy another doll I'll keep him in mind.
    10. HOLY I want dark kitten soooo bad!!!
    11. It's great that they show examples of each color faceup ... & that they offer body blushing!

    12. Tom did you hear back from them ? ,I ordered some eyes ,indicated I wanted to pay via Paypal , but havent heard a thing from them or how to pay them ?..no comformation e.mail nothing ...Im wondering if my order went through
    13. That's one good body for an 11 yr old O_o
    14. Hi Tinybear,

      This is probably way more info than you need but just in case I'll tell you how I did it.

      First of all you have to register with their web page. If you don't it looks like the order is taken but nothing actually happens. You can check to make sure your order went through by clicking on the "Order Status" link. It should ask you for your ID and Password.

      I also wasn't contacted right away about payment. This is also the way Souldoll seems to operate. I paid by clicking "Customer Guide" and then "Payment Info". There you will find their Paypal address.


      I just got all the info from my "Order Status" page (order number, item name, price, shipping, my address etc.)

      I then went to www.paypal.com, logged onto my account and sent Soom my payment. I included my order number in the payment title and all the info from my Order Status page in an attached message.

      It was only after this that they started contacting me about when my stuff would be shipped.

      Hope this helps,

    15. thanks Tom , I will go and check it out

      ...what amazing eyes!!!!
    16. I just placed an order with them , but their website has a lot of problems, first I couldn't see the menu, 3 graphics were on top of the navigation bar and when I checkout it looked like nothing was happening, so I press again and next thing I know I have 3 order numbers, I send the payment paypal for one order, the correct one and I send then an e-mail explaining that its only one order, but I got the e-mail back saying "failure can't find the server were the e-mail is" .
      I hope everything is ok,

    17. that happened to me - go to the Soom site down the left hand side in the menu is ! Need Help" click that and a form will come up ..its easy to fill , I sent that with my question about my order , they got back to me today , so I paid and its on its way :D
    18. WOW ,I reieved an e.mail off them on Thursday , my eyes arrived this morning ,and they are stunning!

      I just have to wait another 20 days for my boy :D