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Soom Eyes Price Down From January 10

Dec 19, 2005

    1. Hi, everyone!

      1 year passed since SOOM's silicon eyeball appeared!
      Celebrating the 1st anniversary of SOOM, we are please to let you know
      our plan to lower the price of all of our silicon eyeball goods from Jan 10
      in 2006!

      When Soom began to product of silicon eyeball,
      we had to repeat trials and errors or come and go between almost everyday.
      Everytime we strove with mold of eye, we had to spoiled over and over.
      Finally we could rescue just one pair of eyes, even if after we had already spoiled over 20 pairs...

      Since then we had still experienced so many times failures but
      we have studied more and more and reinforced the materials and facilities.
      Soom has little by little reduced the failure and developed the rate of the success.
      And besides, we have gradually costed down by stability and effectiveness of produce.
      Now, we decided to mark down the price of all silicon eyes to return
      your affection from 10th of January in 2006:

      SOOM 20mm $41 to $29
      SOOM 18mm $39 to $28
      SOOM 16mm $37 to $27
      SOOM 14mm $30 to $26

      The reason why we do like that is not because the present price is expensive.
      Instead, now every process and produce can be stabilized, we remember we have to share
      our little development with you and your cheer up.
      Thank you!
      Happy New Year!

      For your reference,

      SOOM's Silicon eyeball, What's different?

      - made of 100% high quality silicon
      well adhesive feature and it is also easy to adjust the angles of the pupils
      with the silicon eyeballs. So, when the silicon eyeballs are used for dolls,
      the depth of facial expression is doubled.
      - more shining than glass eyes
      The feature of "Double Dome" is in producing luminous eyeballs looking
      as if they are about to drop tears since it collects lights around
      the pupils and then disperse the lights through the eyeballs.
      It is so called "SOOM Circle."
      - perfect quality control
      There is 17 processes from design to output. The best quality of
      the eyeballs is guaranteed since the silicon eyeballs of "SOOM" are
      carefully selected through the strict quality control.
      - Various Design
      Currently, the eyeballs of "SOOM" are categorized into "Single Dome"
      and "Double Dome" and 70 eyeball designs for each one of four sizes in
      total, (14, 16, 18, and 20mm in diameter) are fully ready.
    2. hi, Branchuchan!
      Don't worry about that!
      lowering the price starts 10th of Jan in 2006.
      It is not sold out but Soom jsut stop selling all silicon eyes for a while because of we thought we(Soom & You) need an intervals of 3 weeks
      between present price and lowering one. Could you kindly understand it?
      So, You'd better await until then and order Soom eyes with more economic price.....goodluck!
      Merry christmas & happy new year!