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Soom Faery Legend: Azur, Big Sea Sprite Discussion!

Aug 9, 2011

    1. I just.. love his look!
    2. Someone noted to me already that he looks a little like a faery Vega...I just can't help but wonder what his feet/legs/whatever's down there look like, argh!

    3. He doesn't seem to have wings... dare we hope for a merman?
    4. i really thing he is a merman with the way the he looks and if you think about it when u look at his legs there are non showing they are covered so he may just be a mini vega :)
    5. OMG, it is a little Vega.... Aww, I can't wait to see more photos!
    6. I hope it's a merman!
    7. Oh my, I may be SOOMed again...
    8. How does Soom know all of my weaknesses?
      I had sworn not to get anymore faeries but the possibility of a tail~!
    9. I'm just suffering, I'm sure anyone who's been in the WR is unsurprised. :sweat I keep looking at his rump, and I'm sure that's, er, not a regular bum...dammit, I am serious about this but when I type it just makes me laugh a lot! :lol:

    10. I have only this to say... MINE!! :fangirl:

      Like I could ever resist these pocket-sized beauties!
    11. Fffffff, another boy already? My Aubers still haven't shipped yet and they're tempting me again! Wating for more photos, I'm sorta hoping I don't like him so I can save money. :doh
    12. Holy cow he's gorgeous! :D
      I think I may be Soomed again.
    13. IF this is a little merman, then he is comin home to me! I have always regretted not getting Vega as a merman, so this may be my only chance to get a mini merman. I already have a name for him too. Okay Soom where do I sign over my checks to you????
    14. Heidipay ... all this talk of rumps and what is going on down there ... is there something we should know?

      Looks like a merman to me. All these intriguing dolls need to stop Soom, I'm begging you!!!!
    15. I'm very intrigued by this guy.
    16. *grabby hands* He's so pretty... And if he has a tail <3
    17. He's is truly gorgeous!!!
    18. I fear I may be soomed... I have to check the layaway payments.

      If he's got a mermaid tail... I'm in serious trouble.
    19. Aw, I'm a sucker for a good tushie--but that is not a regular bum, I tell you!!! :D I'm just so excited for more pics, I've given up on dread for now, and it's nice of Soom to post the date and time to go look for more, whew! :)