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Soom Faery Legend "Idrial ~ Maple leaf sprite"

Oct 19, 2010

    1. http://dollsoom.com/shop/shop/item.php?it_id=1287446263

      What do yo think about her?

      I'm very interested in her clothes. Face looks a bit to childish for my taste. Wig is so exact. I wished a more natural hair styling line for a Fairy.

      ATM it looks as if she hasn't the class of Nenad.
    2. eeee!!!! Wanna see! for some reason Soom isn't loading, at least not for me atm >.<
    3. Gotta say I love the colors! I'm a fall/autumn/changing leaves/maple tree/etc lover, so this girl is definitely tempting :)
    4. Okies there we go~ I agree about the colors! But yeah the face isn't to my taste at all.
    5. Sadly, agree about her face and her hair. A different wig might could really help???
      I think the wings, hands and feet could sway me more toward her though.

      Yes, agree also that Nenad has "class"...love mine and named her Aria!
    6. Oh no...this is not good!
      I'm loving the look of her already but she is so tiny! I only have big boys and girls ;_;
    7. I actually like her almost childlike face :D I'm very tempted with this one mainly for the fact that one of my little ones (Hikaru specifically) absolutely loves maple and everything about it, and a maple fairy would be an awesome companion :D I'm also looking forward to more different fairies in the future but I'm going to be debating on this one :3
    8. Oh gosh! I really love this girl. I hope they put up more pictures soon, so I can tell if I have to have her or not :XD:
    9. Lovely girl. This may be inappropriate, but I really really really want Soom to make a boy fairy for this line of dolls.
    10. I don't really care for her childlike face, her expression is very soft and "spaced out" looking. Nenad still has the strongest face out of all the Faery Legend so far for my tastes. I'm curious to see what they do with Idrial's fantasy parts though! I wonder what they could do with a maple leaf effect.
    11. I like her. She is very pretty. :)

      I shouldn't get her, though. :/
    12. I actually like her face. It's the hair style/cut that turns me off. It's too- styled and exact, as someone else said. I'd prefer to see a more feral/wild look. If I could replace her hair, I'd consider her. I'd love to see more pictures, though.
    13. I think her face fits very well for a more traditional mischievious/impish fairy, compared to Nenad. I mostly want to see her wings, though - transparent red resin, and I'm imagining a maple-leaf themed shape. I might have to snag a pair for my teeny gems to steal...
    14. I like all the bits of her, and I even like her face...but collectively, she's not screaming 'get me' yet. Of course Mixi only 'got me' with the full photos, so we'll have to see. But I've been meaning to draw a line in the sand along the lines of 'no, I'm not getting them all', and this may be the line! ^ ^

    15. omg, she's up for sale now and more pics! I am seriously so tempted by her D: she's cute and just ..gah, I gotta think it over ><;
    16. Ah, this is so unfair! She's just exactly to my taste, now that I see the extra pictures! I mean yes, I could drop the eyes off the order because I'm sure to get her different eyes, but she's amazing! She has a bit of Celtic feel to me, I daresay it's the hair, and I quite fancy everything, the wig, the translucent legs, and the wings! Outstanding! ^ ^

    17. I'm really tempted to get her. Her face looks very faerie to me and I disliked that last faerie they released. I REALLY like her a lot. Especially those maple leaf wings. Incredible!
    18. We really like WAY too many similar things. XD I want a full set, $125 a month not bad. Ugh, but do I need another doll and there's Xmas coming up too. x.x;; She's absolutely perfect, I love everything about her. :aheartbea

      Anyone know of a good place to buy eyes in her size?
    19. Well for sure you can get some 8mm eyes at Safrin Doll, but the best 8mm eyes I've gotten so far (is it horribly bad that I've started buying so many of them...) are the Masterpiece eyes I got in a GO. I'll totally be keeping my eye out for another GO from them, as the eyes are absolutely beautiful and a breeze to put in Nenad's head, at least, compared to the default Soom eyes.

      And LOL! There's nothing wrong with having excellent doll tastes! There's just something very wrong about having a not-so-excellent dolly budget, especially when I'm in the middle of shopping for others right now due to the holiday. Think I can get an auntie a faery from Soom? ;_;

    20. It says she takes 6mm eyes though. 6mm are a pain to find. >< I did get some 8mm from Safrin, but the iris was way too big for my Elfdoll Adel, who takes 6mm. They just fit Sylph, who takes 8. I'm waiting on a Limhwa ToYou Sara (also takes 6mm) to try them in next. So far the only really nice 6mm I've found are the glass ones ginarolo sells.

      Back on topic of Idrial: I love her name, and her wings, but her face is too young for my taste. It seems like everyone loves the wings, so I'm going to guess a split for them will be nigh impossible to find! I love this size, and I love fairies, but I have yet to be SOOMed by these.